Peroneal Tendonitis and Recovery

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Jan 2012
7:25am, 16 Jan 2012
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Hi there all. Does anyone have recent experience of peroneal tendonitis / tendonosis and a good recovery regime please?

Though only diagnosed in late December I've had this condition for a while now. On physio advice I am doing daily lower body stretches and am also using therapy bands to strengthen it. A visit to the podiatrist also suggests running form has deteriorated and that I need support insoles for the very same foot - as I'm noticeably rolling inwards. Should get them soon ...

Any advice / feedback welcome. Cheers.
Jan 2012
8:25am, 16 Jan 2012
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it means you are holding tension in your ankle as you hit the ground and you are holing your ankle little toe side down most and pointed to the ground - This gives the appearance of rolling inards but beware some shoes with more support may make the condition worse if they throw you weight back out too far forward in the foot.

The answer is simple - relax you ankles, relax your calf and achilles.

How you do this is actually harder - The injury implies you reach forward with your foot. If you can change focus to allow your hip to extend more so you gain speed by falling more from the support point rather than reaching for the ground ahead and impacting into it, then the injury will recover.

So, many coaches give tips to try and achieve this

but in generic terms

Spread your toes as you run rather than point them to the ground (this stios you digging the toes in to push off)
Let your heel stay on the ground so let the lower leg roll forward over the foor rather than the foot roll up on the toes (this lets the calf relax)
Keep your knees bent at all times never let them straighten (this stops you levering up on your toes)
focus on picking the foot up under you rather than the knee up in front of you so your foot never extends in front of the knee even at landing. (this stops you reaching forward with your foot)

If you achieve all this, your injury will disappear. If you make no change the injury mechanism will eprsist and the foot will get worse and take longer to get better.

Visit a form coach is the easiest way - Look up pose running, Chi running, or stride mechanics, or seek out one of the many coaches who post here

Shoes do not magically alter your technique.
Jan 2012
8:59pm, 16 Jan 2012
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Thanks cabletow, lots to take on board there, will do my best.


Must admit I had my best treadmill session of the year tonight with little no pain. I concentrated on leaning / bringing my hip forward and shortening my stride and it seemed to help. Might just have been luck ...

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Hi there all. Does anyone have recent experience of peroneal tendonitis / tendonosis and a good reco...

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