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PB event tickbox - Why has it disappeared?

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Dec 2012
9:42pm, 4 Dec 2012
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This thread and similar ones in the past on this subject gives me the distinct impression that some people don't really understand the issues whilst being convinced that they do.
As an aside, humans have run for a lot longer than tarmac has existed, this explains the puzzlement that some people have about the idea that we must run solely on tarmac.
Dec 2012
10:33pm, 4 Dec 2012
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JamieKhristmas *chameleon*
SPR - I've just been seeing a lot recently about this so-called 'real running' - you're not a real runner if you don't do XC, you're not a real runner if you don't run on the fells, blah, blah, bleurgh. Just gets my hackles up as that sort of elitism is really what puts me off this hobby.
Dec 2012
10:47pm, 4 Dec 2012
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eL Bee!
Where does all this 'real' running bollox come from?
It's all just running
And for most of us - pretty slowly (in the greater scheme of things!)
Dec 2012
12:09am, 5 Dec 2012
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This a good constructive thread. It gives me restored faith in the Fetch community.

I don't really care either way so long as I can see my results.

I agree with the stuff on XC though. If it was coming down to classification the should not be PB because:

1. They are not accurately measured & are often short / long - that's the fun.
2. Running a PB time is not the point. XC is a team event - even if you are fast you can run slower to bunch up the runners behind you, help your team mates etc. It's tactics and people home, not an individual time but the sum of those times. That's the point, why the field narrows and why there are deliberate sharp turns

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About This Thread

Maintained by SPR
Surely the tickbox isn't seen as obsolete?

ANSWER: Tickbox wasn't working, Fetch was getting too many requests to change races to PB event.

CURRENT SOLUTION: Send Fetch feedback if a race needs to be changed from PB to non-PB. This results in less requests to Fetch than the previous method.

POSSIBLE FUTURE SOLUTION: PB vs Non-PB to be based on Terrain.

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