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Osteopath or Physio?

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Jan 2012
10:43am, 6 Jan 2012
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I'm after a bit of advice please. The doctor diagnosed costotransverse joint subluxation (sprained rib joint), gave me some painkillers & recommended I saw one of the above. My question is which? I have no idea which is most appropriate or in fact, what the difference really is between them muppet

Thanks in advance.
Jan 2012
10:44am, 6 Jan 2012
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Licensed practitioner or shamanic snake oil salesman?

I would go with the physio myself.
Jan 2012
10:57am, 6 Jan 2012
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Either but try to find someone who can give you a personal recommendation to a local individual. There is a huge overlap in the techniques and treatments that they use. The primary thing is to find someone who you have confidence in. Personally I've had successful treatment from individuals operating under both labels. And for the record the law requires that all Osteopaths in the UK are qualified and registerd.
Aug 2015
5:51pm, 24 Aug 2015
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Resurrecting this thread as looking for some advice.

Felt pain in top of thigh area half way through an 8 mile run in mid June. Too painful to continue. Made an appointment with physio who said problem was hip flexor. Got some exercises and had shockwave therapy on it. 4 weeks of this and saw different physio at same practice who stopped shockwave therapy. Also said problem was specifically rectus femoris. Limited to 2 mile runs, more exercises and ultrasound treatment. Felt better week before last so up to 2.50/3 miles.

However leg bit achy last week and tried 3 miles on Saturday. Painful and thigh has been aching a bit since.

I was supposed to be doing Amsterdam Marathon in mid October but no chance of that happening so dropped to the half instead. But getting concerned if that is even possible at this stage.

I have physio appointment number 8 tomorrow. However, a friend suggested trying an osteopath instead. Has anyone used osteopathy for a similar injury? Or indeed have any suggestions how I get rid of this injury?! Cortisone injections?! Any and all advice greatly appreciated.


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I'm after a bit of advice please. The doctor diagnosed costotransverse joint subluxation (sprained ...

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