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One Month Goal Thread

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Mar 2020
8:02pm, 1 Mar 2020
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The Scribbler
Hmm. I didn’t pay enough attention to my February goals and failed all of them!

Writing for me hasn’t happened the last couple of weeks as I’ve been focusing on photography instead.
I had an almost zero day that brought my streak of exercise to an end last Friday, but I was done in and needed the rest.

Biscuits and chocolate went off track too. Very much associated with low mood. But got back on track with that this week. Swimming has happened, cycling hasn’t - but given the weather I’m letting myself off that. I’ll have a think about March goals
Sep 2020
5:56pm, 13 Sep 2020
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No posts since March? Is this what Coronavirus did to our motivation?

I'm going to declare a conservative but realistic goal; to log 13 hours of cycling on my bike-made-of-girders before the end of September.

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Forget new year's resolutions: sort your life one month at a time. Choose up to four things you want to focus on this month, commit to them, and let us kick you up the bum until you achieve them. Then do it all again.

This could just be your most productive year ever. :-)

Spreadsheet is here: docs.google.com

"Goals are not what I do tomorrow, it's what I do today." - Cuddy, 2014

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