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Jan 2013
9:31pm, 8 Jan 2013
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For the first time since C25k, I have a training plan to follow which is now typed into Fetch where I can't avoid it.

I'm well over the 100 posts (so quite prepared to be told I'm a muppet :-0 ) but I have some stupid questions:

1) It's for a 10k that I'd like to do in under 1:15 (yes I *am* that slow) but the longest run is an hour. That means I go into the race never having run that time or distance? (I have previously but not at the same time)

2) What on earth does it mean by "easy"? Ambling, could-hold-a-conversation-if-I was-with-someone sort of pace?

3) All the runs are "easy" (one short and one long-ish each week) except for one which is a sort of intervals thing? What does that do?

4) Some of the interval sessions talk about running at HM pace? How do I know what that is if I've never run one and don't plan on doing so soon?

Apologies for sounding like an idiot ;-) but thanks for any help
Jan 2013
9:39pm, 8 Jan 2013
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Disclaimer: I don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to training but I am a similar pace to you :)

1) not sure which plan you're following but most I've used seem to assume 10mm or faster. I would feel more comfortable running the distance in training ahead of the race
2) I go by could hold a conversation. Certainly not long flowing sentences but could have a bit of a chat while you're about it
3) easy builds endurance, intervals increase pace?
4) try the mcmillan calculator and use a race time from something you've done recently to give you an estimate of your HM expected time:
Jan 2013
9:43pm, 8 Jan 2013
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1) You dont need to do the distance, most marathoners dont do a marathon in training. For Shorter distances however I think it helps and I would expect you to do 10k or 6 miles a few rimes

2) Easy is at an easy pace where you can hold a conversation

3) Intervals are a series of faster efforts with a recovery period in between - say 4 x 1/2mile with one minute walk in between

4) Intervals at HM pace are no use in 10k training, I would have thought 5k pace is more appropriate, so something faster than you would aim to do the 10k in
Jan 2013
9:47pm, 8 Jan 2013
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How many weeks is the plan and how many days a week?

I would aim to get to either the 10k distance or time on feet of 1hr 15 mins a couple of weeks before your race.

Intervals generally mean a warm up, then trying to run faster than comfortable pace with a walk jog recovery for a set number of intervals for either a set time or distance.
Jan 2013
9:50pm, 8 Jan 2013
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A plan? That's proper serious stuff! Really, I've never used one of those things, but have heard good things about them ;-)

1. Sounds like it's suggesting a long run that's about the same as the 10k run - so you could round up to 1:15 target. But don't worry too much. Hardly any marathon runners will have ruyn 26 miles before their first marathon and that's quite normal. (don't get misled by all these crazy folks that you know who run silly distances. really, that's not normal)
2. Easy = yes, conversation (maybe with yourself?) - not really trying at all is another way of looking at it.
3. Intervals - hmm, where to begin. It's like running really hard for a set time or distance (something you couldn't sustain for long) and then stop or go slower than easy to recover (there are oodles of variations, but that's the general idea). And repeat, several times. Runner's World gets full of this sort of thing, such as "8x400m". The idea is to get your body used to running fast for a wee bit. It's flipping hard work but really worth it. Again don't worry too much about this for an early 10k, but it will help.
4. You could stick your last 10k into this: and it'll give you a HM time. Then divide your HM-predicted time (in minutes of course) by 13.1 to get your pace (or 21.1 if you like min per km).

G'wan, ask some more questions...
Jan 2013
10:21pm, 8 Jan 2013
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Crazy folks, _andy? My friends are as sane as I am! Aren't you....? ;-)

UC, it's for 18 weeks (to my 10k) on three times a week, with an optional fourth, as that's what I put in and is the most i can probably commit to at the moment. Though I didn't tell it I was running 15 miles in a few weeks... oops.

I think I like the idea of having a plan. C25k worked for me, so I'm hoping this does as well, it sort of fits in with how my brain works. However it does have one run a week of only 20 minutes which I suspect I will amend (I'm not sure I see the point of running for less time than it takes me to get ready and unready, except for stupid hurty mile races). The intervals are just a variant on run-walk, it seems. Well that worked... and it fits with things I was thinking about after the 5k ie I can run fast(ish) in short bursts - I just need to make the short bits longer.

And no, no conversations with myself but it will do for a definition of easy. "not really trying at all" doesn't apply to anything faster than walking!

Thanks all, you've been very helpful :-)
Jan 2013
7:18am, 9 Jan 2013
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Good luck with the training.
Feb 2020
9:56am, 26 Feb 2020
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I have recently come back to running (plodding) and all the years up to 2008 I never had a plan, I just put my trainers on and plodded. I did do a bit of interval training and as people have said it did bring down my times at the time.

Now I am more in line with your pace of jogging and did a 40 minute 5km yesterday. I did a 10km on a treadmill last week and it took me about 75 minutes.

I have started a plan for the first time in my life this week to enable me to be ready for a half marathon in June. This plan also does not reach the 13.1 miles but falls short to 12 miles but will give me enough muscle strengthening to get me round. For us plodders I feel it's all about a foundation of plenty of runs with a helping of rest days and good nutrition. I am enjoying this pace and am not even worried about shaving 1 minute from this or 30 seconds from that.

Follow the plan, but it is not a set in stone thing, and enjoy what you are doing. A lot of people will be more forthcoming in good sound advice as they are better equipped to give such information. But for me it's about being free and feeling great, not about times and PB's.

So enjoy your jogging and welcome to the plodders world.😄

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