Nice people at the gym

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Aug 2016
6:53am, 15 Aug 2016
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I do like the 'Disgusting people at the gym' thread - but I thought it might be nice to have a counter-thread.

After my swim yesterday, there was a bloke in the changing rooms in his towel post-shower, squeegeeing the floor to make it nicer for everyone else.

Share your gym angels here :-)
Aug 2016
7:32am, 15 Aug 2016
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The receptionist at the desk lent us a squash ball when ours turned out to be a bit flat
Aug 2016
8:30am, 15 Aug 2016
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We live just round the corner from our gym/pool, which the kids use for swimming*. I got a phone call after the wife had taken the kids to get a summer swimming pass "Can you fill an old container with rice, I'll be there in a minute".
One of the staff had dropped their phone in the pool and had only just started a shift so could do nothing other than retrieve it. So my other half took some rice to bury it in so it could at least dry out a bit while they were stuck at work. :-)

*I don't do gyms, we have a set of bars in the garden courtesy of Xorbars, an inflatable kayak and a slackline :-p
Aug 2016
9:23pm, 15 Aug 2016
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Had he brought his own squeegee with him??

One of the PTs at my gym told me the other day that she though I was 'like, 26'. I'm 34 :-)
Aug 2016
9:48pm, 15 Aug 2016
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The other day the reception guy at one of our local pools lent a lady with a gaggle of little kids £1 for a locker as she didn't have it.
Aug 2016
10:02pm, 15 Aug 2016
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Wednesday Mouse
There's a woman who swims at my local pool every morning, and I see her fairly regularly when I go in for my swim. I've never spoken to her, but we exchange smiles in the pool/changing room. Anyway, I've not been to my local pool for a while because I was swimming elsewhere, and the first time I was back at the local pool she said to me in the changing room "I'm so glad you're back, I was a little worried because I'd not seen you for a couple of weeks". I thought that was rather lovely :)
Aug 2016
11:49am, 16 Aug 2016
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Two weeks or so back a chap doing bench presses in my gym got himself a bit stuck in the way that you do, and was left with the bar across his chest.

He asked me to help lift it back, but he was so polite in doing so - he actually waited until I'd finished my set and could see I was free ! Amazing.
Aug 2016
11:55am, 16 Aug 2016
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I got stuck with a barbell once doing deadlifts, i felt my back twinge as i got it up, and didn't dare put it down for fear of a complete spasm, anyway one of the big guys came and took it off me when i squeaked for help. :-)

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