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New Shoe Problems?

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Dec 2014
10:34am, 4 Dec 2014
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I had a gait analysis for new trainers at the weekend. The new pair has different support, and slightly less of a heel drop, so quite different to the old ones. I was told that I can try them out for a month, as long as I stay indoors.

So on Monday (after resting Sat and Sun), I gave them a go on a treadmill. Probably should have eased myself in a bit more, as did five miles fairly quickly (for me) including 1k of incline. Afterwards, my knees ached a bit (at the front, kind of kneecap area). I did a pilates class straight after.

Rested my legs on Tues, and then did a 5k (fairly quickly for me) on the treadmill in my new shoes, and then straight into yoga. I don't know if it's the new shoes/ running or the yoga (we did a lot of kneeling, sitting back on our feet which was a bit uncomfortable) but on the way home I noticed a bit of an ache in the back of my knees, kind of across the back. This got worse in the evening and made walking downstairs a real trial. This morning it was fine when I got up, but the walk into work (0.7 miles) was a real struggle as I had to kind of hobble, keeping my leg straight, as it hurts when it's bent. However, it now seems to have mostly eased off.

Anyway, a couple of questions:

1) Presumably I shouldn't run today, but when can I run next? Wait until the pain has completely gone?
2) Is it likely to mean that these shoes aren't right, or just that I didn't ease them in properly?

Any thoughts?
Dec 2014
2:07pm, 5 Dec 2014
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Anyone? The pain is a lot better today, but I'm curious about whether it means the shoes are not right.
Dec 2014
2:09pm, 5 Dec 2014
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Body takes time to react to new shoes ... give them a couple more trips on the treadmill the aches should ease off.
Dec 2014
11:33am, 6 Dec 2014
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OK, thanks!
Dec 2014
11:30pm, 7 Dec 2014
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The heel drop being lower will have an impact on the way your muscles work. Effectively, your heels will be lower to the ground than previously, this means you will be asking the muscles in your legs to work in a more lengthened position. Whilst it's not a bad thing, it does require a bit more strength, so ease yourself into them gradually, to give your body time to adjust and be mindful during yoga and Pilates not to overdo the stretching, ease back if your breathing speeds up. If you're still experiencing pain in a couple of weeks, go back and try something else.
Dec 2014
12:09am, 8 Dec 2014
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Old Man
What are your previous shoes and what are your new ones? Your 8k at the beginning of the week was your longest run for two weeks and only your 4th since running a half mara two weeks ago and by your own addmission, you pushed it as well.

I'm not sure it's the shoes, I think you may have just over done it the first time you ran in them and then did yoga.

A coaching rule I've always followed is if it hurts when you walk it will hurt more when you run, so don't!!

I'd just take it a bit easier and don't do back to back sessions in the new shoes
Dec 2014
6:41pm, 11 Dec 2014
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The Jogger
I just buy shoes from Decathlon and put my orthotics in them, I've given up spending £80 + on shoes as they make absolutely no difference to me.
Dec 2014
3:14pm, 17 Dec 2014
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Sorry, I didn't see the new replies!

Since I posted, I basically had a week off running completely, and my leg pain didn't go - weirdly it kind of got better and then was quite painful again. So then I did a gentle run/ walk 5k, where I had a bit of pain but it then eased off during the run. I left it for a few more days, and then did another 5k, which felt ok.

I had another couple of days of rest, and then did 5 miles this morning in my old shoes, outside, which felt much better, but I've got slight pain now.

What Sharon and OldMan are saying about easing myself in makes sense - I'm a bit of a sporadic runner so am used to being able to do nothing for a while and then do 6/8 miles, but I should have factored the new shoes into it a bit more.

Frustratingly, though, giving myself time to recover and then only doing short runs with lots of rest has meant I haven't been able to run in them as much as I'd like, so I'm still not sure about whether they suit me or not! I might go in and have a word with the people in the shop to see what they think.
Dec 2014
12:45am, 19 Dec 2014
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Old Man
I think that's a sound idea, but when you go back to the shop, take your old shoes with you. They should run the analysis again in both your new and old shoes and then compare the results. They should also be able to show you the comparisons, so you understand what ever they say

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