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May 2014
11:42am, 30 May 2014
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Why do my old runs have graphs that are really messed up?

[IMAGE 57235_68939]
May 2014
2:35pm, 30 May 2014
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paul the builder
I have this too - I assumed there was something funny about my old data ('ve changed Garmin a couple of times, changed import method now and again too). But does everybody have this?
May 2014
3:00pm, 30 May 2014
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I've got that on older data as well.
May 2014
3:14pm, 30 May 2014
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Looks like it happens when you use distance as the bottom axis - and judging by the way the line jags back and down, I think there are probably points within the file where the distance is 0. As a result, the pace calculation sees a massive negative distance, in a short space of time, so the angle of the lines point towards high 'negative' paces on the y-axis. Probably quicker to fix it than it was to type this.
May 2014
3:50pm, 30 May 2014
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Your example works now.
May 2014
3:53pm, 30 May 2014
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Look at that, eh? The boy could get a job doing this ;)

Jun 2014
10:25am, 6 Jun 2014
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K5 Gus
For anyone else who uses the weekly ascent graph, which wasn't working properly ( Fault 5 in header ), then Fetch has now fixed it, although you still have to do a "glasses view" of your activity before the ascent gets added in, if you just add the training and don't "view" it, then it still won't show.

Hope I got that right Fetch, if not please let me know.
Jun 2014
10:27am, 6 Jun 2014
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That's right :-) The elevation profile gets called when you view the 'glasses' / detailed view of your run. I figure that most of us will do this for the runs that are of interest - and I've added a little warning icon to the runs in your list that have zero ascent, with a little bit of mouseover text to explain it.
Jun 2014
6:05pm, 23 Jun 2014
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K5 Gus
Fetch - a wee bit of an issue with the above elevation graphs.

There is a separate Running and Biking graph, but the ascent figures from both biking and running activities are being combined and showing in both graphs, ( ie both graphs showing the same )

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1) the off- and on-able graph lines in the top graph.
2) the split breaker. No longer does it show your split times in hard-to-work-out seconds, and the data table beneath it should also be useful.
3) cadence and power graphs for those that record it
4) a few nods to the different requirements of swim/bike/run - colour coded graphs, no ascent/descent for swims, more appropriate split options for swims.
5) works with no lat/lng data in your file - good for turbo, treadmill, pool swims
6) no automatic saving of route e.g. "Imported from your Toaster - 2014-02-10" - but you can name & save route with one click if it's special. If you play Conquercise or Fetchpoint, you don't have to do ANYTHING differently. Reports of a few bugs in Fetchpoint as a result, I'm working on those.
7) the ground work for changing the top graph into a javascript-based one that will integrate directly with the map slider, and show a tooltip for wherever you are on the graph. Playing with that in dev.
8) reclaiming notes field for notes. Still captures basic split information, but pace/hr bands etc now in their own graphs. Similar updates to user profiles on the cards so you can see how others are training (but expect it to be restrictable by the owner).
9) Some cute little icons for the weather / conditions. If you always leave these options as 'perfect', 'still' and 'none' then you won't see anything. Think of it as a way of capturing conditions that might have had an impact on your run.
10) Little blue (i)'s that give a bit more information about each of the sections.
11) When you import from file, you can now pre-choose sport - and rather than being taken to the 'edit' screen, you're taken to the 'view' aka the 'glasses' view.
12) Some folks were concerned that watch elevation data gets ignored. This is on purpose - GPS-based elevation data is notoriously inaccurate. When you're taken to the glasses view, elevation profile should pop up after a few seconds, and the ascent/descent likewise. If it doesn't happen, try refreshing the page.

1) Westmoors - kit reporting 0 miles.
2) Some issues with the information popups being obscured on RHS of browser window.
3) Some lines extend above top of graph, so peaks are missing.
4) Larkim - choice of sport is being ignored.
5) Ascent/descent not showing on 'list view' nor in weekly graphs.

1) Indicator of 'amount of flattening' flattening.
2) Option to reduce flattening (without having to go via reset)
3) Remember flattening setting
4) Option to show paceband, HR band graphs etc as table of data rather than graph.

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