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New Forest 10 - 8th July

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Aug 2012
12:47pm, 12 Aug 2012
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For anyone interested, I did email the organisers about returning the chip, as well as some maony-back, just before they sent out the general email about the cancellation.

"We are looking at a reduced fee for next year.
Don't worry about the chip."

So maybe pay a bit less next year. Sceptic in me says it'll be forgotten though! Wonder if random racing chips go for much on eBay ;-)
Aug 2012
9:04pm, 12 Aug 2012
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I emailed them ages ago asking if i sent a stamps address envelope can I have my horse brass as of they're dated they can't re use and i got reply today saying send address and they will send it to me!
I will do as that weekend cost me a lot of money as I was down there in hotel when it was cancelled
Aug 2012
4:41pm, 16 Aug 2012
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Thanks for the info re chip and possible reduced fee next year.
Aug 2012
2:14pm, 17 Aug 2012
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Mr. K.
Just read this `race report`....

In short: Great British Summer 1 - New Forest Runners 0

In full: There was ample parking at the start, in fact I had a ten acre field to myself enabling me to park right next to where I thought the start line might have been. The queues for the porta-loos were pleasingly short and the loos themselves nicely unsoiled and unstinky - I could get to like this kind of race. The start area was surprisingly quiet and uncrowded, with a complete absence of announcers, supporters, timing mats or indeed other runners. Still this enabled me to line up right at the front without any of those bothersome "competitors". My garmin was a solitary beep in the rural silence....

I set off at 1115 and I led from the start a position I was able to hold without undue effort all the way round. Unlike previous years the course wasn't very well marked, I had to make it up as I went, and unlike last year there were surprisingly few marshals or words of encouragement. The drinks stations were, well, infrequent to the point of non-existent but one musn't complain. It was kinda quiet out there churning out those ten miles, just a few ponies and walkers and when I did see other runners they didn't have their race number on - I assume they were later disqualified.

The ten miles passed reasonably quickly if a little soggily. In previous years the runners have been greeted at the finish line by the announcer shouting ones name and home town over the tannoy with words of encouragement. It was a little quieter this year though a cow did moo and a walker did shout "pillock" at me.

I cruised to an easy victory, my first in twenty years of running. HOWEVER I was greatly saddened not to receive the "Overall First Male Trophy" nor the "Category M40" trophy as promised on the web site. Come on New Forest Runners give me the 2012 trophies! What kind of idiot do you take me for? (Actually, the kind of idiot who'd make a 100 mile round trip without first checking the race was on first......come on it is summer and we still have a hosepipe ban!!)

Oh well see you next year...


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