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Nov 2015
5:04pm, 13 Nov 2015
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Soz everybody. Through no fault of runjogcrawl13, my SQL filter swallowed the opening post. Here it is:

"Evening all, I dont normally ask injury based questions as normally issues subside or arent that problematic. I have been relatively injury free for around a year now - yet yesterday out of nowhere I have a searing pain on the left side of my groin, just below the hip flexor area. I used to have issues in the area when I played football (or anything with twisting and turning) but that hasnt been for years. I didnt run yesterday, I was walking up a hill in work when I first noticed it - and since that point it has been causing me A LOT of discomfort. I cant put my full weight or support myself on my left leg and is painful even when just sat down typing this. Has anyone ever had similar? From quick look online potentially a sports hernia. Any thoughts or experiences would be hugely appreciated!"
Nov 2015
5:09pm, 13 Nov 2015
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Derby Tup
Doctor! :-O
Nov 2015
5:29pm, 13 Nov 2015
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It's your SQL filter fetch, you should learn how to control it and if not put a muzzle on it before letting it out in public ;-)

Funnily enough I have a very similar problem today and also a similar history to runjogcrawl but from a decade ago and led to me giving up football ultimately. Running didn't seem to cause this one but I was moving teenage sons bed by pushing it with my glutes/hip flexors and seem to have done something similar - but had no pain at the time. I can still run at a reasonable pace on it (7.30 minute miling), but it is sore (very sore - in the adductor region when starting but eases up when running) and doesn't like any force being applied roughly the area I used to push the bed. I didn't do it while I pushed the bed, it came on after a run.

So my guess is that you pulled it before hand, but didn't notice (as I didn't noticed) and then something aggravated it while walking.

Treatment is rest - but not total rest, anti-inflammatories and the strengthening on the muscle once there is no pain in it I seem to recall and as a coach I'd prescribe the same. If you can run/jog on it - which might sound mad - do, when I had it diagnosed before, it was the twisting and turning that caused it then, not the running, and they said running was fine if it was pain free.
Nov 2015
6:15pm, 13 Nov 2015
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Kind of similar......A few months of running on what I thought was a minor abdominal strain which got worse and worse until I was forced to stop running completely. I couldn't even jog to cross the road.

I only went the doctors after I noticed a bulge and thought "Inguinal Hernia". After tests/scans etc that was dismissed.

Further discussion and "Sports Hernia"/"Gilmore's Groin"/Athletic Pubalgia" was suggested, but not diagnosed.
The whole process of going from doctor to scan to physio to doctor etc was taking too long, I consulted Dr Google and the prognosis didn't look good and I was resigned to never running again (at least not without surgery) I tried cycling for a month but I just didn't enjoy it so binned that.

So in a last ditch effort I started a programme of self rehab/physio based on having athletic pubalgia.

In total I didn't run for about 10 months. Apart from the month of cycling I did nothing for 7 months and then did 3 months of my rehab/physio work. I am now confidently running again.

If I'd've stopped running as soon as I felt the pull/strain I'd've probably only missed a couple of weeks, but then there would always have been a possibility of a relapse with my weak core. I am older and wiser now and do not neglect my core/flexibility and will stop as soon as anything down there starts hurting.
Nov 2015
6:20pm, 13 Nov 2015
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Sneezing bloody hurts.

Last time I got injured it was caused by me resting lol. Hurts more when sitting than running. Running doesn't seem to make it worse tho. Sneezing does.
Nov 2015
9:39am, 14 Nov 2015
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Thanks all for the advice. I'm very much resting and taking it easy and hoping that the pain will subside so that at least day to day tasks aren't such a struggle. Whatever happens I need to improve on my core and hip flexor region as it's incredibly weak and has always been prone to injuries and pain.

The discomfort has been better since introduced some anti inflammatories and fingers crossed it's not a long lay off - but if it is then I will just have to find alternatives. I couldn't agree more with the sneezing Chris - that is proving to be a big problem as well!

Thanks again Marsh and Chris, much appreciated!
Nov 2015
1:38pm, 14 Nov 2015
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I've now narrowed mine down to pectineus strain, with some youtube videos, ones that would be highly suggestive in any other context :-0, but very useful as the pain I have is in exactly the same spot, and the stretches and adduction plus flexion and bent knee exercise can be used to recreate and highlight the pain indicate it's pretty much that.

For me it's a 2-3 weeks for recovery - it is I note "the most common of the five adductor strains" and "common in runners who only do running" - so probability for me makes it likely to be the 1st and the 2nd is unfortunately true. I can get back to running when I can jog with no pain, which might be quite quickly, it will reduce my stride length for a while (noted that immediately on my Garmin stats from yesterday), and not just to push that or sprint.

Treatement (for me) - NO massage, as there's a major artery in that area (femoral?) that can be aggravated. Moderate stretches when I can do them without pain. Anti inflammatories - I note previously the doctor prescribed me diclofenac ointment (voltarol) and that worked well for me, but currently Ibuprofen gel is useless (I think there's some scepticism on the latter - or is that the external gels in general?). Suggests icing but heat feels better definitely.
Nov 2015
3:44pm, 14 Nov 2015
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I think I will follow suit Chris, certainly rest for time being and let the area settle before I try and work out if I can do a test jog on it - nothing lined up soon and probably the body looking for some recovery time as have pushed my luck at times during the past year. Thanks for the help and advice, feel much more re-assured that it must be the same for me as all I do is run and wouldnt fall out with a couple of weeks sidelined as long as doesnt extend to much more!

Might use ice on it at times, but hear quite a lot about using both heat and ice on it - so might mix around with it! Good luck mate!

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Evening all, I dont normally ask injury based questions as normally issues subside or arent that pro...

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