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My marathon plan

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Jan 2013
5:07pm, 30 Jan 2013
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Hi everyone. I would like some advice from you kind people. I am training for my first marathon in April. My previous times are as follows:

5K- 19:20
10K- 41:06
Half marathon: 1:30:25

These are all times within the last 5 months. My PBs are slightly faster for the half and 10k but date from a year or so ago.

My plan is based roughly on the runners' world:
Monday rest
Tuesday tempo 6 miles with 4 at 6:40-6:645 pace
Wednesday 6 miles 8 min miles pace
Thursday- cross train- 1 hour badminton (quite intense)
Friday 8 miles 8-8:45 pace
Saturday- 1 1/2 hours martial arts training
Sunday long run (this will be progressively longer) 8- 9 min miles

Obviously the distances of the Wednesday run will need to increase (as with the LSR). I could fit in an easy run on Saturday. I know from McMillan that according to past times a 3:10 marathon is predicted. As this will be my first marathon, I will not be able to achieve that and am aiming for around 3:30.

Do you think this is enough? does anything strike you as hopelessly wrong? Am I too ambitious/unamibitious? The erason I ask is that I think I have a bias towards speed rather than endurance- I love intervals and tempo runs and find they don't tire me as much as the LSRs but I sijply have to try a marathon.

Don't hold back the criticism as I won't take it personally and would appreciate any advice. Thanks
Jan 2013
5:10pm, 30 Jan 2013
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I should add that 5 days a week I cycle to and from work around 15 miles each day. Oh, and I can't type for toffee.
Jan 2013
6:01pm, 30 Jan 2013
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The types of sessions that you are doing look fine, although I would be inclined to add in some miles on a Saturday as well. One day of complete rest and two of cross training should work - although the cross training that you are doing is not the most suitable. The main observation is that the long run seems a bit on the short side for this stage of training for an April marathon but I guess that you will have worked out how to build up the length of it without ramping it up too quickly. How will it progress and how many 20 mile runs were you planning on doing?

The time target looks sensible - generally it is good to aim for a time that is about 20 minutes slower than you are capable of running. There is a good thread for runners aiming at 3.30 marathons.
Jan 2013
6:45pm, 30 Jan 2013
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Mdweek sessions look fine. Long run is possibly too fast- 8mm is race pace. I'm a sub 3.30 marathonner and I was running at 8.45-9 for my 3.30s. Distance is the key- build up steadily but do as many 20s as can you can manage.
Jan 2013
6:45pm, 30 Jan 2013
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Forgot to say though, your cross training should be ok if it is what you enjoy doing and you get a good workout from it.
Jan 2013
6:48pm, 30 Jan 2013
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paul a
No where near enough miles in my opinion. Even assuming a 17 mile LR (less than that and I wouldn't call it a LR) that only gives 37 miles. To convert your 1:30 to a 3:10 I would recommend minimum of 40 miles peaking at 55 miles per week at least.
Jan 2013
10:47pm, 30 Jan 2013
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Thanks everyone.

DeeGee- I'll keep towards slower end as you suggest. I was thinking of building up to doing 3 20 mile runs (not on successive weekends) with other distances in the high teens- this weekend I'm looking at 15 miles (did 13 miles last weekend) and will build up from there.

paul a- I know 3:10 isn't feasible,I'm looking at around 3:30. I take your point about the low mileage and will add a Saturday easy run.

becca7- Thanks for the advice- I was aiming for 3-4 20 mile runs. Seem sufficient? The marathon is April 28th (Marathon of the North).
Jan 2013
10:53pm, 30 Jan 2013
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More than one 20 miler is definitely a good idea and if you do 3 or 4 you should be fine on race day, in particular if you follow DeeGee's advice about the pacing of the long runs.

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