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My easy runs are really threshold pace?!

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Mar 2019
9:10am, 1 Mar 2019
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Good advice from oumaumau and larkim already. There are also a number of plans already linked here in FetchEveryone with all sorts of fun annotations from Fetchies, that might give you some other thoughts.

I like Hal Higdon (rather than RW) - and he has a range of Beginner, Beginner plus, Intermediate, Intermediate 2 etc. that you can look at.

I'd agree, that a race training plan needs to be based on where you *are* not where you'd *like* to be! So if you currently run max of 6 miles and 2-3 times a week, no point in going straight to one with a 10 mile run in it and 6 runs a week!

Same is true of pace. If your best pace for 10K is 9:30, then your half marathon pace is 10:00 and your target half time is 2:12, then don't try and train quicker than these paces dictate i.e. fastest is a bit under 9 for intervals and short speed, 10s for longer speed work and everything else slower.

You can re-evaluate in 4 week blocks, by all means, but be careful about being either too optimistic or pessimistic. Assessing where you are is notoriously difficult! You might feel really tired and sluggish, but actually, that's the cumulative effect of the training. That's OK! Or you might feel speedy and tempted to up the paces or distance. Caution! Don't do both! There be dragons (well, injuries anyway!)

But you can be very positive that you're starting from a good place, build up the consistency of running, mostly slowly, with occasional speed bits and you will see huge improvements in 12 weeks.

Can I just add one thing - depending on age, esp if older and/or injury prone (like me!!) please consider planning in stretch and strengthening exercises and/or some cross training (any non-running, like swim, bike or row) to support your increased running. In fact, increase your running less (if that makes sense) and increase your non-running more!

Shout if you want any more info on any of the above. And very best of luck. :-) G
Mar 2019
9:54am, 1 Mar 2019
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Some very good points here :) G - being on the comeback trail myself, it is hard to adjust your training paces to where you are rather than where you were or would like to be!
Mar 2019
10:12am, 1 Mar 2019
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As a plan, it seems no me to have an excessive amount of long running close together at the end, and not enough of the easy stuff. If you followed the plan and did an extra day or two easy I think you might be overdone by about week 8 or 9.

Your 5K time is likely to improve on the way, but the month or so after the race (and recovery) is when you'll really see the benefit over 5 and 10. And maybe in another HM, if you can find one to suit.
Mar 2019
11:37am, 1 Mar 2019
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I quite liked the fact that it had some "over distance" stuff at the end in weeks 9-11 Dv. But I agree it is quite "aggressive". Also, lots of tough speed work in there.

More total distance of running, with consistency, building up distance gradually, with a bit less of the speed work, would be more my sort of approach. But I'm inherently cautious! :-) G
Mar 2019
1:35pm, 2 Mar 2019
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Amazing, really helpful information here, 1000s of thanks for all your help. I've got a plan now.
Apr 2019
2:54pm, 7 Apr 2019
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Hi everyone - I took your advice about slowing down and wanted to say it has made a big difference - just beat my 10K PB (not that that is saying much, but previous set in 2012) and really enjoying it again. The slower I go the faster I can go. It's actually weird!
Apr 2019
3:15pm, 7 Apr 2019
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Good news slowby :-) Glad you are getting the desired results.
Apr 2019
4:08pm, 7 Apr 2019
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I'd argue it is saying quite a lot ;) You've started training, as opposed to just running. Imagine what you could achieve in 3 or even 6 months time...
May 2019
4:21pm, 19 May 2019
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Lip Gloss
I was referred to this page via the projo thread and reading sloby's times etc sounds like where I want to be again so thanks guys as I have read all the suggestions cause I couldnt get my head round the slow long run, hopefully I can execute all the training as I would like a crack at a 2 hour half marathon later this year :-)

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Are my easy runs too fast? What't the advantage of slowing down?

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