Muscle cramp

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Feb 2012
11:02pm, 26 Feb 2012
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I've noticed in the last week or so I seem to have what can only be described as a dull, cramp like tightness in all my leg muscles and makes me feel like I have to stretch them to ease it. My weekly mileage isn't any more than normal so it's not that and oddly apart from the annoyingness of the of this I'm actually in pretty good form.

I've been running now for over 2 years and average about 30 miles a week and have never experienced this before, heck even a day after a big run (marathon / ultra) I never have any long lasting pains.

The only thing that has changed in the last 2 weeks is I've just started wearing a new pair of running shoes though can't personally imagine that would cause this as they are actually very comfortable.

I'm wondering if it's possibly a virus or something or related to lack of salt in my diet though again nothing has changed in the 2 years I've been running.

Like I said it doesnt seem to affect my running but it's annoying them feeling like this.

Any ideas chaps?

Got the D33 in a few weeks and want to hopefully be ailment free by then!
Feb 2012
1:07pm, 29 Feb 2012
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Hi - just bouncing this for Mamemeister...
Feb 2012
1:23pm, 29 Feb 2012
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Since I started swimming a lot more last year, I find that my muscles tighten a lot more after a run or long bike ride. At times a horrid irritation around the knees and into the calves. I've found that having an energy drink or milkshake after a swim helps towards the other disciplines. Plus lots of stretches.

I also found that when I had a new pair of Asics Cumulus 13 trainers a couple of months ago that the problem came back a bit, especially on the road - so I switched to running on grass for a bit. Helped a lot.
Feb 2012
1:26pm, 29 Feb 2012
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Have you ever had a sports massage, MM? Might be worth a try: I find my calves particularly get tight and heavy after a while, nothing chronic, but (so the sports massage lady tells me) the lactic acid and general waste products build up in your legs and stop the muscles performing properly. If you get them flushed out with (really painful) massage once in a while the blood can flow more freely and you lose that horrible tired heavy feeling. Might be worth a try, anyway... but take something to bite on. (And I speak as someone who's twice given birth with no pain relief.)
Mar 2012
12:08am, 1 Mar 2012
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Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. I did a 10 miler on Sun and felt great although I could still feel this cramp like pain especially in my right calf. The aches were there on Monday and were particularly bad yesterday but funnily enough today they feel a bit better. I'm actually starting to think it's the new Asics I bought acouple of weeks ago. They are a lot springier than my old Brookes. Before buying them I did the wet foot on paper thing to see what type of show I needed and Sports reckoned I needed support ones. Checking these inside against my old Brookes tonight it seems the arch bit is a bit higher so I'm starting to think thats the problem. I went out for a 3 mile tonight with the old Brookes and so far so good.

I'll let you know how it goes.
Mar 2012
6:44am, 1 Mar 2012
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Derby Tup
I'd be inclined to run for a week or so (not continuously :-O) in your old shoes and see if the problem goes away. It sounds odd if you haven't had a similar issue before

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I've noticed in the last week or so I seem to have what can only be described as a dull, cramp like...

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