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Mortons Neuroma

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Apr 2015
1:28pm, 4 Apr 2015
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Thanks NRGEE. I hope surgery isn't required, will see how I get on with the sandals. Not convinced they're anything other than snake oil but happy to be proved wrong. Good to hear you're completely cured. Happy running!
Oct 2015
6:04pm, 20 Oct 2015
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Allow me to resurrect this thread...

First, really pleased to read your surgery was so successful NRGEE, almost encourages me for what i think is to come
I have a 4mm neuroma in my left foot - yeh, tiny - confirmed in 2012 and successfully managed with wider shoes - i was very very keen to avoid surgery

Earlier this year i started the same sensation and pain in my right foot, only a bit more intrusive, I can't crouch down on that foot etc, though I'm still running (a bit) at the moment. Given that Ive already said I'd like to avoid surgery for as long as poss, wider shoes and forefoot pads not making any difference, any other advice on managing it before I seek professional help?
Nov 2015
11:00am, 17 Nov 2015
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After an x-Ray, 2 ultrasounds and an MRI, my foot pain has been diagnosed as bursitis between the 2nd and 3rd toes. I've had a cortisone injection so hopefully that will fix it.
May 2019
3:57pm, 22 May 2019
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Lizzie W
LD, have you considered Correct Toes or Alignment socks (happy feet I think)?
And foot-shaped, wide, flat, flexible shoes(secure at the ankle?
Feb 2020
4:26pm, 3 Feb 2020
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Hello. I think I might have this. I have no pain at ALL but a lot of discomfort under my toes. I’ve had it since august. In that time I haven’t been able to run more than 6 miles twice a week but I’ve had periods not running at all, didn’t seem to make much difference.

I can feel it a lot, but it’s definitely worse when running. I feel it was VERY gradually improving but has now got worse again to the point running is just very uncomfortable so I don’t want to. Just came back having shortened my run in a huff.

Could I have this but not have any actual pain? And if I do, how do I find out and how do I get rid of it.

I had an x ray that was clear about 3 months ago. NHS physio has a massive wait and the appointments are a month apart (!) so don’t want to waste a lot of time with a physio if I should really be seeing a podiatrist or some other sort of foot person

Thank you for any help 😊
Sep 2020
10:46am, 29 Sep 2020
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I have pain that may well be this. Is surgery still the main permanent solution?
2:59pm, 11 May 2021
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Hi all I have a physio appointment tomorrow and have been working with him last couple of days online as I’ve developed an issue in my left foot. I’ll try to keep it short.

I run in vibrams have done for 5-6 years. Since moving to more natural running I’ve minimised injuries & niggles significantly (with exception of a full break in my foot which turned out to be due to a previous undiagnosed & therefore not properly healed stress fracture some 6 years prior)

I’m training for my first 100k race next month. Training has gone very well gradual increase in miles & Friday was my 50k distance other than my feet feeling the pressure of 31m on tarmac I felt brilliant.

I ran in inov8 on Sunday to give a bit of cushioning and the ball of my left foot started to burn about 3.5-4m in but stopped when I finished.

Woke up yesterday to a bruise on top of my foot - no swelling and no pain. Contacted my physio & we had an initial review and some exercises to do - one was to foam roll my calf - that was sore. I’m going tomorrow.

I’ve done my exercises (calf raises no pain), foam rolling (very painful yesterday bareable today) & icing but a short walk with a friend at lunchtime my toes started to tingle like pre pins & needles about 25min in.

I’m worried it’s a risk of stress fracture or a Morton neuroma. Those who’ve had them does it sound similar? Trying to work out what I need to ask tomorrow thanks.

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Just been to the Dr with my hurty foot. He thinks it is MR and is getting me a referral to a podiatr...

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