Mortons Neuroma

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May 2021
10:26pm, 11 May 2021
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Thanks for the replies doesn’t sound like MN

It came on as my 4th then 3rd toe became warm then hot. My walk at lunch & again tonight it got warm then got SO hot then calmed down to warm again. I have no pain even when it’s hot.

I don’t have any sensation of anything under the foot it’s just the toes they actually felt like they were squashed tonight yet I had vivo’s on which are men fit so even wider toe box I always think they’re 1/2 size too big.

Minardi my ‘normal shoes’ are narrow for sure and with heel of course barefoot has no support or cushioning (unless I wear inov8 which they have a thicker outer sole & inner sole.

My couple of experiences with podiatrist recommended insoles have caused more problems than they fix and I find minamilist shoes best for me
May 2021
8:57am, 12 May 2021
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I used to find that when my MN was playing up, it was like walking with a knife sticking up into the foot at the base of the toes so it doesn't sound like that's what you have, gg. If you sit with your foot over your thigh and squeeze your foot in a massaging motion around the base of the toes (difficult to describe, let me know if you don't know what I mean), can you hear or "feel" clicking?
May 2021
10:31am, 12 May 2021
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I’m back from physio it seems that I have had an issue in my calf that has tracked down to the 3rd metatarsal - despite the 4th toe being a bit tender it’s the 3rd with a problem.

It only appeared on hard bending down of the toe and slightly back from the toe joint. And a bit further underneath. The location of the calf issue would link to that area so seems to be the trigger.

I did say I’ve had issues with the calf off and on over the past few months.

He was impressed with my strength and balance showing I’ve been doing the right thing and is sure a back off on mileage go back to inov8s for now to add in a bit of cushioning.

He did say that while I’ve had the break on other foot (which I have to say was caused when I was wearing ‘normal support trainers’ and now this he says he can see vibrams work for me and that as my feet are so strong it’s possibly masked the issue for while.

So short runs and some additional strength exercises this week and a call to discuss how it’s gone over the weekend next week. He said it’s fixable and doesn’t see any long term issues if I nail the foam roller and keep up strength work. Phew.
May 2021
10:43am, 12 May 2021
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Phew indeed gg - fingers crossed for a quick recovery

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Just been to the Dr with my hurty foot. He thinks it is MR and is getting me a referral to a podiatr...

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