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More Miles Trail Shoes

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Oct 2012
2:15pm, 24 Oct 2012
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Just seen advert for these, look kinds luggy and studdy, are they worth investing in for XC season at £30?

Or stick with Kanadia's for £38 at sportsdirect.com (not as luggy and studdy) or splash out on Walshes (£60) or INVOV8 (£90)?

More Miles running shirts that you get from local races (Tun Wells Half, Benfleet 15, Pleshey Half) are ace...

Advice please...
Oct 2012
2:17pm, 24 Oct 2012
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Anna Bomb
The more mile shoes have better grip but are much heavier than the Kanadia's. Guess it depends on the conditions at the XC but I've stuck to Kanadia's for the fairly grassy/easier ones and Sportiva's for the muddier ones.
Oct 2012
2:31pm, 24 Oct 2012
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Inov-8s (assuming they fit your feet) can't be beaten. You can get them a lot cheaper if you shop around, either from eL Bee! on here or pick up some real bargains on ebay.
Dec 2013
1:15pm, 27 Dec 2013
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I got a pair of these for just general wear then second pair for the same reason. My Mizuno Harriers fell apart so I tried the first pair of these on a 7 mile, very muddy, trail run. They work fine. There are better, lighter shoes for sure but these work well enough. I probably would not race in them regularly although I did a park run in under 21 minutes so they are not bad. Slightly heavy yes, good grip, oh yes and a good price. For occasional off road training runs in all weathers and over all terrain a real bargin. What about their road shoes, anyone tried those?
Dec 2013
1:35pm, 27 Dec 2013
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I've just invested in 2 pairs of Cheviots. I was looking for a shoe with mucho grip, and these have mucho grip. I was conscious of them after 13 miles on Xmas day, so they are a little heavy, but as I see it I won't be wearing them to run quickly. I'll be wearing them to run long in beautiful surroundings. Legs didn't complain after running on road in them a bit either, so they'll suit me.

Kanadias are my favourite ever shoe, though. Although I haven't run in a pair for some years now.

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Just seen advert for these, look kinds luggy and studdy, are they worth investing in for XC season a...

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