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Medical/Physio people or anybody who has tried rollering your IT band?

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Sep 2012
8:17pm, 4 Sep 2012
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Has anybody had success with rollering your IT band? I have recently done more steep hill running and more mountain biking and I am suffering pain on running downhill or walking down stairs below my right knee on the outside in what i think is the insertion of the lateral collateral ligament.

I know I should see somebody professional but am a bit broke and it's not causing any problems walking or running on the flat. A friend suggested the pain could be caused by a tight ITB and google says that this correlates with downhill running perfectly.

So I've bought a foam roller with knobbles on and i'm trying rollering and also going to yoga more often (aiming for twice a week) to stretch my glutes and open my hips.

Can anybody tell me how often and when to roller my it band? If you've had success what did you do? I've just sort of done it every few days but I need a PLAN... I can't operate without a plan... without one the roller will just sit and gather dust.
Sep 2012
8:26pm, 4 Sep 2012
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10 days ago I felt rightness in my ITB and had a funny feeling in my knee. Then my hamstring got tight.

I had a sports massage and it was suggested the ITB was the cause and since then I have foam rollered twice a day and its all better now. I dont do much, may 30 seconds and it hurt after the first few days and eased off.

good luck
Sep 2012
8:34pm, 4 Sep 2012
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I use one and do a Matt Roberts routine which he recommends doing twice a day 8-10 'rolls' on each area
Sep 2012
8:37pm, 4 Sep 2012
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brill - twice a day sounds good. right now it's very tender and i'm following advice to stop on really sore bits for 15-20secs so will maybe do about a minute at a time until i can manage countable 'rolls'.

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Has anybody had success with rollering your IT band? I have recently done more steep hill running an...

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