Mcmillan training pace calculator

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Jun 2014
12:03pm, 13 Jun 2014
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I'd forgotten this existed then found it again. I put in a recent time and my marathon time goal, and the recommended paces for various types of run look fairly realistic. Anyone else used this as a guide to training pace? Any thoughts? I do often find it difficult to know what pace I should be aiming for for different types of run, so it seems quite useful to have it all laid out.
Jun 2014
12:49pm, 13 Jun 2014
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I use it - sometimes alongside a plan. I find the interval & sprint pace times particularly useful as a guide to whether I am working hard enough. I have to say my most recent set of paces are quite challenging - especially the tempo ones - I am struggling a bit to hit them. Interestingly when I compared them to the suggested Furman paces they weren't that dissimilar, apart from the ones suggested for the long runs.
Jun 2014
2:00pm, 13 Jun 2014
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I have found it very useful in the past. Maybe I should re-visit it again
Jun 2014
4:42pm, 14 Jun 2014
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I think McMillan paces are just right for polarised training: 1 speed session, 1 interval session and 3 or 4 easy paced sessions (including long run) per week giving a time ratio of approx 80% easy, 10% theshold, 10% high intensity.

Macmillan offers a range of paces but broadly the tempo and speed paces match Furman, as AL says.

The long run paces are slower than Furman, but if you train 4 or 5 times per week, the total volume is likely to be greater than with Furman.
If you prefer runnng to cross trainng, a marathon program based on Macmillan might suit you better than Furman, but if you like cross training and are prepared to push yourself on long runs, Furman might suit you better.

I am at present employing a polarised approach, largely using Macmillan paces, in preparation for a marathon in Sept

Because my health is not 100% , I utilise the flexibility of the ranges offered by MacMillan to adjust pace according to how my body is coping.
Oct 2019
10:08am, 15 Oct 2019
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Bumping this one for Fetch's list of training threads

lurking on the speedy peeps threads I see mention of P&D and JD plans, not so much McMillan -
I like the calculator, it predicts a marathon time I'd love ;) but also sensible speedwork paces.
Oct 2019
10:10am, 15 Oct 2019
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pressed submit too soon!

-although having said that, of course there is a perfectly good set of calculators on here :)

Was wondering if anyone had used one of the paid for plans or online coaching and if so, how they got on ?

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