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Love voting for funding, for other people to be able to do stuff, online?

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Jun 2016
1:19pm, 8 Jun 2016
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Mark Hines is in the running for some funding for his latest expedition - StandUp Paddleboarding the length of the Danube. He's a thoroughly nice chap, and I'm sure he'd appreciate your vote. hobkey.com

Full message from Mark with more links below:


I am attempting to obtain a grant for my next expedition – the funds will help obtain filming equipment and a tablet to record the expedition and help with media attention, press, etc.

I have been selected as a finalist so now it's down to getting votes - your vote will count and if you could help share this on your social media / amongst friends, colleagues, etc., that would be fantastic.

Over the coming months I will be embarking on a solo SUP expedition along the Danube. One of the aims of the expedition is to raise awareness of the thousands of hydroelectric dams that are planned for the southeast of Europe. If these projects go ahead, natural landscapes will be forever ruined, including pristine wildlife habitat.

Please visit the page and scroll down to the SUP options and vote for the Danube expedition: hobkey.com

More information on my expedition can be found here: markhines.org

More information on the project to Save the Blue Heart of Europe can be found on their Facebook page: facebook.com
and on their website: balkanrivers.net

Please share far and wide!



Mark Hines






Jun 2016
11:43am, 9 Jun 2016
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Bump :)

That looks fun
Jun 2016
5:55pm, 9 Jun 2016
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Thanks for the bump Rosehip, try again for the evening crew!

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Mark Hines is in the running for some funding for his latest expedition - StandUp Paddleboarding the...

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