locking knee

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Oct 2014
12:10pm, 4 Oct 2014
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wiener dog
My knee has been sore for a few days and a little bit swollen. The swelling has gone down a fair bit this morning but it has locked 4 times meaning I have had to literally force it straight which is agony. The pain is on the inside of the knee. I had my bursa removed last year because of a cyst in my bursa. Is there any point in going to A& E or should I just wait for a doctor's appointment?
Oct 2014
12:33pm, 4 Oct 2014
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Ice it, keep it up and rest. Go see your GP when you can. Locking can mean a cartilage tear. That's not a diagnosis but a possibility. Personally I don't think this is an A and E issue.
Oct 2014
5:30pm, 4 Oct 2014
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Lady Sol
Mine does that sometimes. Never had any success with the doctors, even after not being able to straighten it for a couple of weeks. Mine comes and goes. It will be bad for a few weeks/months, then I'll be back to marathons again. I do visit my doctors after a week of not straightening, or I have gone to A+E at doctors advice when it's been very bad (locked at 90 degrees and very painful through painkillers). I've had no diagnosis. I had physio once, but it didn't help and there's a 12 week waiting list around here.

I wouldn't force it straight. Firstly it's agony and secondly when mine locks it definitely feels likes there's something physically stopping it straightening, I wouldn't want to cause myself further injury. Get it checked out, remember there should be an urgent care centre or out of hours gp practice somewhere in your local area if you can't get a gp appointment, you don't necessarily need A+E unless they refer you.

Hope it straightens and stops hurting soon. Ibuprofen, rest and ice should help with the pain.
Oct 2014
5:40pm, 4 Oct 2014
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wiener dog
Thanks it finally unlocked itself about 3pm :-) now it's just sore.

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