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Limbs: a deathmatch (21-10)

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Oct 2021
12:49pm, 1 Oct 2021
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For those of us who grew up on Andy Pandy and Bill and Ben the Wiggles don’t seem all that deranged.
Oct 2021
2:08pm, 1 Oct 2021
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I'm eagerly* awaiting a new expanded version of Joseph AHATD with an added fiddly-diddly faux-Riverdance number. Then I will know that The Time has Come.

Oct 2021
10:20am, 6 Oct 2021
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Oscar the Grouch
My sister in law works with diabetes patients.

One particular - larger - lady had to attend hospital to have a leg amputated as a result unfortunately. We pick up the story a few weeks after she leaves hospital...

Lady: Oh, the NHS are WONDERFUL. I lost 2 stone in hospital! 2 stone!

S-i-l (deadpan): Oh that is marvellous, well done you.... and have you kept it off since?

Lady: Oh yes, I'm ever so pleased, they are MARVELLOUS
Oct 2021
2:50pm, 19 Oct 2021
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Here we go: fetcheveryone.com/forum/english-tv-chefs-a-deathmatch-21-11-62094

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Maintained by GregP
Deathmatch closed 01/10/21

GOLD: Limb, large or main branch of a tree

SILVER: Limb (anatomy), an appendage of a human or animal

BRONZE: Limb, in a measuring instrument, the graduated edge of a circle or arc
BRONZE: Arm (dominoes), a line of dominoes with one open end

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