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Left quad injury.

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May 2011
11:41pm, 31 May 2011
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I think one's thigh is now called a quad...anyway I injured it last week doing interval sprinting (or to use a technical term fartlek!) for a 5k next Wednesday. I'm more of a long distance plodder but got persuaded into doing a 5k by friends. Rested it by not running for a couple of days, then a couple of slow jogs and was fine. Today tried some speedwork on the treadmill as thought this would be safer due to less impact...wrong as I'm now back to square one. Really hurts!

Rest is probably the answer (with cross training, in my case swimming) as I must have torn something but people give you conflicting advice i.e "try some deep heat" versus "put some ice on it"

Any views?
Jun 2011
12:24am, 1 Jun 2011
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It's difficult to tell what the problem is without more information. You might be out for a month and have shedloads of physio ahead of you or you might only need a week of rest and some restorative swimming.

There will probably be a tame physio along shortly.

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I think one's thigh is now called a quad...anyway I injured it last week doing interval sprinting (...

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