Last minute Marathon compression calf guard dilemma

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Jun 2014
11:14pm, 11 Jun 2014
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mr d
I had a severe Allergic reaction to a sting/bite whilst trail running last Saturday.

Full details here:


Unfortunately I have a trial marathon on Sunday. On Drs advice i will carry epipen, piriton and salmeterol inhaler. The RD is fine with this.

As my wife doesn't want to spend six hours in hospital again or go to my funeral she has persuaded me to buy some calf guards to lessen the risk of a repeat on Sunday. I got Compresssport UR2. However as they arrived today I only tried them for the first time tonight, which is a not ideal four days from the race and I only went five miles. I would rather not be wearing them but there are parts of Sundays course that will be overgrown and I have no idea what actually caused the reaction.

Two questions:

1) My calf became sore after a few hundred metres, but a couple of miles in it wasn't noticeable. Is this usual for first time use or do i have a problem, are they too small?
2)The lateral collateral ligament of my left leg gave the occasional twinge, did I pull the guard up too far?

Another advice gratefully received.
Jun 2014
5:41am, 12 Jun 2014
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1) Yes, always seems to take longer to warm up and my calf aches for a few miles too, but then settles down.
2) Don't know, never had that.

Good luck!
Jun 2014
6:43am, 12 Jun 2014
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Is that the Stour Valley Mr d? Haven't run in that area lately but it certainly will be nettle-y I would think. If the calf guards are not comfortable and you don't need the compression, just wear long socks?
Jun 2014
10:20pm, 12 Jun 2014
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mr d
Cheers JohnyO and Bru-Bru.

It is the Stour Valley.

Unfortunately the only long socks i have is an old pair of footie socks and i am not sure I want to run 27 miles in them, but it's a good suggestion. Until Saturday I would just get stung!

I am erring towards the calf guards at the mo and maknig sure I don't pull them up to far.

Thanks again.
Jun 2014
10:26pm, 12 Jun 2014
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K5 Gus
You get long compression running socks, which tend to be not as tight as calf guards, might be worth a try.

Footy socks are a bit heavy and likley to end around your ankles unless you wear elastic around the top
Jun 2014
10:33pm, 12 Jun 2014
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mr d
Of course, I am not with it, it has been a stressful day and i have finally sat down (admittedly I was sat down at work for hours).

The down side of that is losing the socks i know i can run for hours in, Ultraglide might stop that being an issue though. Thanks,

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I had a severe Allergic reaction to a sting/bite whilst trail running last Saturday.

Full details...

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