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Laparoscopy experience?

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May 2012
11:07am, 14 May 2012
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I was going to say I was totally fine after mine, but then I remembered I nearly died from PE's lol- but thats a different story and not the laporoscopy's fault!

But the actual laparoscopy was really totally ok- I had one on a Saturday, and they told me I would be ok to run 10 marathons in 10 days just 6 days later. Scar is miniscule, I don't think there were any stitches but memory is a bit hazy of it. I think it depends on what needs to be done once they are in- Ithey just had to untwist one of my ovaries, not take anything out. The wound itself was really fine within a few days though, and i'm sure you will be back running very soon :) Just wait till it feels comfortable :)

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the air being pumped in!! I looked pregnant for a few days. Not as much as when I had my appendix out though- they must have pumped LOADS of air in for that one as none of my trousers even vaguely fitted for days and my tummy was massive.

Good luck with it, don't worry about it and I hope you recover well xx
May 2012
11:46am, 14 May 2012
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I had lap in 2006 for fairly bad endo, had 2 cysts out and lots of other stuff freed up and sorted out. i was off work for a week, and I only took up running after that to try and make myself as healthy as possible to counteract the illness. I was told my three tiny incisions had stitches that would dissolve. The one in my belly button refused to heal up properly, after a few trips back to the doctors in the weeks and months after I was sent back to the surgeon who decided there was actually still a stitch there that needed to be removed! So I would advise you double and triple check if you have any stitches that need to be removed! Good luck and I hope you are back on your feet soon after.
May 2012
12:19pm, 14 May 2012
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oh yes, i had forgotten that. dissolvable stitches are shit. after my first one (dissolvable stiches) I had to remove 2 of them myself because they were patently not dissolving and it couldn't heal properly, which totally messed up my belly button. much prefer real stitches that you snip out. seem to scar less. second surgeon neatened up the original messed up scar for me. :-)
May 2012
1:06pm, 14 May 2012
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I hate belly buttons anyway, so that totally freaked me out, **shudders**

If i have it done again I'm telling them not to go in through there!
May 2012
1:15pm, 14 May 2012
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oh i'd rather they use the old scars than create new ones.....:-)
May 2012
3:26pm, 14 May 2012
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I had one for sterilisation. I was up and a bout pretty quickly to be honest for just light domestic stuff but I guess it took about 10 days before I felt fit again to do anything significant. That wasnt to say I didnt try......but it made me feel a bit crap! So probably better to rest properly for a week than to try to do stuff and then feel worse the next day haha! another vote against disposable stitches, I went and had mine took out as they were cuasing more problems than anything else as they had got really tight and uncomfortable.....once they were out I felt a whole heap better! So dont wait for them to dissolve like I did ;)
May 2012
8:25pm, 14 May 2012
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I had one about 2 years ago and had a polyp and some endometriosis removed. I was suprised by how quickly I recovered and did my first run back a week later. I just had to wear a massive t-shirt to cover the huge bloated belly that was running with!! The biggest problem I found was my first period after the surgery a few weeks later which was absolute hell, I nearly went to A&E I felt so faint and ill. Looking back now I'm glad that I didn't as it may have been a tad embarrassing but I really thought I may have been dying at the time!!! :-( I don't know if the first period thing was just my experience, but maybe don't schedule anything too demanding around that time. Good luck with it and I hope it provides you with some relief.
May 2012
10:05pm, 14 May 2012
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Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It's helping :-)

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