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Knuckle pain

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Mar 2013
8:41am, 12 Mar 2013
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Right so I'm off to the gP on Thursday, but i normally like to have a fairly good idea of what I'm asking him, i've googled away but can't seem to figudre it out.

The problem is my first knuckle (nearest my hand) on my index finger is well painfull. No inflamation of the hand or just. It hurts when I spread my fingers and at other random monvements. There does seem to be a little pocket of fluid perched by the joint but as its only my thumb I can get to it with i'm not sure! Dosing it with diclofenic & paracetomal eases things. Any gusses/suggestion? I don't want to hear any votes for amputation.
Mar 2013
8:49am, 12 Mar 2013
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Nick Cook
Stop punching people!! :-)
Mar 2013
8:50am, 12 Mar 2013
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is because it is dragging on the floor?
Mar 2013
11:17am, 12 Mar 2013
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If there is a little fluid and diclofenac helps then it might be a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Joints in the hands are some of the obvious symptoms.

I started with RA 3 years ago and had pain in left foot big toe joint, right hand thumb knuckle, right knee and right jaw.

Hope the check goes okay.

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Right so I'm off to the gP on Thursday, but i normally like to have a fairly good idea of what I'm...

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