Kerplunk! Is anyone still in the office?!

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Dec 2012
2:32pm, 24 Dec 2012
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Merry Christmas & Happy NewG(rrr)
So, if you're working today, did you bring in card and board games or Operation or Kerplunk? No, cos we're adults. OK. Well there are lots of choccies and cake all over the office. One chap opened a bottle of port and was handing round mince pies. Tis good!

But now, my boss has gone. And everyone around me. There seems to be only me left (maybe a dozen of us out of 1,000 person office). Should I be thinking about leaving?! Just 4.5 miles to run home, in the rain and wind. Yay. If I set off by 3 I won't even need my head torch. Then gym is open for a bit, so I could go for a wee swim and a quick bit of core before the world shuts down for the big day. Think I'll give it 20 mins, then I'm off.

What did you do on your day at work today?! :-)G
Dec 2012
2:38pm, 24 Dec 2012
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I'm here :) I had a good catch up day while everyone else is on their Christmas hols already. Leaving @ 3pm.
Dec 2012
2:40pm, 24 Dec 2012
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Merry Christmas & Happy NewG(rrr)
3pm is the new 5pm, right Susie? Sounds like a plan! :-)G
Dec 2012
2:41pm, 24 Dec 2012
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I am the only manager in today. Today has been strangely productive, but now my one remaining staff member left at 2: I am about to PUFO, and I'll give myself a Bollocking on 2nd Jan if I think I still deserve it ;-)

*slowly spinning office chair*
Dec 2012
2:52pm, 24 Dec 2012
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Still here, no customer support requests (funny that)...

Planning escape soon, but need a mission impossible style insert of a CCTV recording of the door (rather than me exiting it)
Dec 2012
3:00pm, 24 Dec 2012
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Given the NHS' requirements for a flexible workforce I finished on Thursday and won be back until a week on Wednesday.
Hurraay for modernisation!
Dec 2012
3:46am, 25 Dec 2012
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I'm still heeeeeeeere ! 7am-7pm nightshifts Xmas eve, Xmas day and Boxing day.... and there's no Yule logs left ...
Ho Ho HO !


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So, if you're working today, did you bring in card and board games or Operation or Kerplunk? No, co...

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