Journey to Zero Waste

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May 2022
6:15pm, 2 May 2022
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Around here all the Asian supermarkets sell packets of herbs and spices that you fill your own jars with. It's not a specialist thing at all.
May 2022
10:33pm, 29 May 2022
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Any ideas on how to reuse / repurpose / recycle inhalers?

We can't recycle aerosol canisters here, and the plastic part doesn't say which type of plastic it is, so also can't be recycled. I feel like they must be useful for something, so have quite a few stockpiled, but I can't think of anything!

Obviously I'm not going to stop using them. Cutting out dairy, and moving into our new shiny house and out of the cold damp and mouldy house has significantly reduced my use.

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FT Article on how broken recycling is:

A growing "want" (consumption) has an impact on our world's resources. Historically we have gone through periods of frugality & eco-consciousness and always returned to the same apathy & couldn't give a damn about the environment we live in.

A linear economy means products head for the landfill. As landfills fill quickly, incinerators are now being put into place in the UK. Recycling is a broken system due to economics and incineration is simply the destruction of our resources.

The best would be for a circular economy and ways to close the loop.

Zero wasters care about their impact. On our journey to a zero waste lifestyle what are we willing to compromise on?

Resources for reducing landfill waste:


or sell it on Ebay, car boot

How Stuff Works:

Food waste: consider composting. For cooked food waste have a look at Bokashi (FYI Anaerobic composting:

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