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Is it just me or are there more adverts on Fetch

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Jun 2019
4:34pm, 27 Jun 2019
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That'd be nice :-)

No worries KS.
Jun 2019
5:39pm, 27 Jun 2019
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Thanks for switching off the adverts Fetch. The site now works on my work laptop too :-)
Feb 2021
11:57am, 14 Feb 2021
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Found I was logged out, so I saw some adverts. Firstly, an ad in Turkish for women's Islamic sportswear. When I clicked through, the products were presented (mainly) in English. Although I'm not currently in the market for a hijab tracksuit.

Next, Lumen. You breath into it and it analyses your CO2, which data you can use to have a transformative effect on your athletic performance, and indeed life. Endorsed by Chris Froome. £50 off, only £299. I wonder if any Fetchies have one already?

Lumen again. And the chance to earn a passive income of £7000. Could that be because of the new crypto thread? And on this page, ironically, no ads were served.

Then I logged in.

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Maintained by Son of a Pronator Man
Fetch says: "I don't choose the ads, I just supply the holes, and the people who pay my salary and supply a server choose what they want to put in them. The change was a surprise to me too, and I've asked for some clarification on the thinking.

If you get any particularly dodgy ones, e.g. Russian mail order brides, or ones that break the user experience, it would be helpful for me to see some screenshots (ian AT fetcheveryone.com), and I'll feed those back."

And: "I've just clicked the little blue triangle in the top right corner of the ad, and looked at the opt-out options. On the page it took me to (after it took a while to think about it), there was a button called something like 'Choose All Companies' - I clicked that, and thus far, it seems to have opted me out of all the ads."

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