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Oct 2015
1:48pm, 6 Oct 2015
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I've interviewed a few hundred people over the years, although not often for management jobs of the type Elsie Too asked about. Most of the technical questions we ask at graduate interviews are there on glassdoor. The kind of people we want will have bothered to use google, found out what kind of things we're going to ask and got prepared for it.

I think Duchess's post pretty much nailed it. For taking on a role managing 15 people, I'd probably be asking for examples of when they've had to deal with staff problems in the past, how they might approach team building, motivate people, what sort of things they might look for when recruiting a new member of staff, how they like to be managed themselves.

Likewise, I think if you don't have a good couple of questions for the interviewer, I'd wonder what was wrong. I've been asked "why do you like working here so much" at least 3 times!

Of course, the best advice is to make sure that your interview is early morning, or at least not straight after lunch. Plenty of stats back that up..
Oct 2015
2:47pm, 6 Oct 2015
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Elsie Too
Thanks for all the help - I will quiz her with questions later this evening.
Oct 2015
8:57pm, 6 Oct 2015
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Assume that everything that happens from the moment you arrive on site is part of the interview.

Be prepared for competency based questions. E.g.: "Tell me about a time when . . .

. . . you went out of your way to help someone".
. . . you had to persuade someone to do something they initially didn't want to do."
. . . you met a difficult deadline." (likely to be supplementary questions about how you planned it)
. . . you achieved something as part of a team."
. . . you had to deal with a difficult customer." (Beware this one. Some candidates tell you about impossible customers, chose an example with a positive outcome.)

Good examples are simple to explain, you should take less than 2 minutes. Avoid anything too complicated, even if it is your proudest achievement.

If using the STAR technique, spend as little time as possible on the Situation and the Task. Focus on the Actions you took and the Results you achieved.

Always talk in the first person: “I did . . .” If you say “We did . . .” the interviewer is likely to assume it was someone else.

Dropping in a few numbers adds impact & credibility: “I reduce the paper-clip spend by 17.4%.”

Use the employer's words. Prefer the words used in the job ad, job description and interview questions to the words you would normally use.

Good luck!
Jan 2016
7:38am, 5 Jan 2016
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Elsie Too
I'm just posting here so that this thread doesn't disappear to soon!

I did ask the original question for myself rather than a friend, but when I was trying to look for a job before the company I worked for went under, so I was in stealth mode. It didn't work but this list of questions really helped me out. I have another interview this week so I'm going to go back over this thread and refresh my mind as part of my preparation. Thanks again to everyone that helped.
Jan 2016
9:14am, 5 Jan 2016
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Good luck

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