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Importing using the Garmin Communicator Plugin

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Aug 2016
4:11pm, 19 Aug 2016
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Even Tesco Express?
Aug 2016
4:16pm, 19 Aug 2016
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LOL, Chris.

Sadly, it's like Athlete's Foot Cream - it doens't make one faster.....
Feb 2017
11:15am, 11 Feb 2017
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Not a plugin issue but a Bluetooth one.
I have a Garmin Edge 1000 I use with my bike that uploads to Garmin via the Bluetooth connection to my iPhone. Most of the time this works absolutely fine. Occasionally the unit fails to connect to the phone, even though it looks like it's connected on my phone settings. The only way I can get them to talk again is to forget all settings and repair, though this has just failed today and I'll have to try again later.
Anyone else have this issue and have any idea whether it's a phone issue or a Garmin issue?
Feb 2017
11:34am, 11 Feb 2017
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So I have a Fenix 3 and an android phone, so who knows who well they compare. Sometimes they don't link automatically. I turn off Bluetooth on both, kill the app, then restart Bluetooth on the watch, then the phone, then restart the app and it works again. This is less hassle than pairing. Worth a shot, maybe.

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About This Thread

Maintained by fetcheveryone
Just a little note to say thanks for all the comments here and via feedback. The test phase was useful for knocking off a lot of bugs, but there's nothing like the thrill of putting something live to really get that usability feedback flowing :-)

Here's the TO DO list following feedback from users:

1) Solution for only showing runs since last update - DONE
2) Links on successful import to allow direct route to edit/view - DONE
3) Avoid reloading data on choosing different time view.
4) Stop people pressing the button more than once - DONE
5) Auto detect sport where available.
6) Fix rogue pace zones (reported by Duchess, MacApple et al)
7) Max speed (for Mick173)
8) Smoother import of elevation data.

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