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Icon Hurt & Heal Vol 3: Battleground

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Nov 2012
10:02am, 1 Nov 2012
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chameleon champagne
Nov 2012
7:03pm, 1 Nov 2012
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chameleon medal
Nov 2012
7:44pm, 1 Nov 2012
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JamieKai *chameleon*
Okay, the secret system...

Each icon was placed into one of five groups. Lets call them A, B, C, D, E (as that is what I called them ;))

Now then, when a battle took place, a random number (between 0 and 1) was generated in ExCel, to see if the attacking icon overcame the defending icon. If the icons were the same group, the number needed to be 0.5 or higher. However, if they were a different group, then I used a comparison table.

For example:
cake v champagne (A v A) - cake would need to score 0.5 to win.
cake v heart (A v B) - cake would need 0.75 to win.
cake v horse (A v C) - cake would always lose.
cake v kingkong (A v D) - cake would always win.
cake v kiss (A v E) - cake would need 0.25 to win.

For a winning attack, the victor would gain 2 HP, and 1 'secret' point.
For a winning defence, the victor would gain 1 HP, and 3 'secret' points.
For a losing attack, the loser would lose 2 HP and 2 'secret' points.
For a losing defence, the loser would lose 3 HP and 2 'secret' points.

All icons started with 5 'secret' points.
Every time this number reached 10 or higher, it was reset to 5 and the icon gained 10 HP.
Every time this number reached 0 or lower, it was reset to 5 and the icon lost 10 HP.

And that is all.
Nov 2012
7:48pm, 1 Nov 2012
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JamieKai *chameleon*
The only advantage I had in the game was (a) knowing how battles could play out, and (b) always being able to play with an up to date set of lives. The fact that I heart all the top 4 icons is just luck. And perhaps people liking the same icons as me ;)

All hail the winning chameleon!

(And once again, thanks go to becca7 for the design of such a great icon!)
Nov 2012
8:13pm, 1 Nov 2012
3083 posts
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And you asked us if anyone had worked out the scoring system........
Like WTF
I thought you just threw a dice for each one
And whats and HP when it's at home?

Nov 2012
8:27pm, 1 Nov 2012
3820 posts
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lol BaronessBL, I'm glad it's not just me that didn't think the scoring system was straightforward! In fact I'm not sure I understand it after the explanation :-)
Nov 2012
8:31pm, 1 Nov 2012
4353 posts
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I understood it up to "For a winning attack, the victor would gain 2 HP, and 1 'secret' point." and everything thereafter. I thought it was dice based as well. This Excel spreadsheet must be a thing of wonder!

I'm glad my creation the chameleon got to triumph in one of these contests at last. :)
Nov 2012
1:24am, 2 Nov 2012
5672 posts
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JamieKai *chameleon*
HP - hit-points... It's all pretty simple, really. The real magic in the spreadsheet was how it automagically generated the header at the top...

And the random function? Simply "=rand()" in an ExCel cel. It generates a real number bounded by 0 and 1...

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About This Thread

Maintained by JK *chameleon*
Updated up to: becca7 # 4343

chameleon 101

Eliminated: 3rd blackcat 4th dino 5th star 6th panda 7th medal 8th horse 9th duck 10th nerd 2nd kingkong
luck chaffinch run tux heart pig crab bunny zebra cake muppet idea :) bolt koala cow choc ninja bike blueshoes snow gorilla sprout toast :-O postracesnack champagne blackheart :-P ;) swim pram decorate kiss hat pint snowman moon bighug slowdownyoumovetoofast :( death bunting dolphin

1. You (yes, you) may take a turn twice a day. Once when the clock says AM, once when the clock says PM.
2. A turn consists of a Hurt, a Heal, and a fight between icons.
3. Hurts remove 20 hit points. Heals restore 10 hit points. Fights yield random results. The number of hit points an icon has is up there ^.
4. The Icons are grouped into types. Some types are stronger against others.
5. No bullying! You can only hurt/heal an icon two times in a row.
6. I will update as often as I can, sometimes running or alcohol gets in the way though!

Example turn: Hurt chameleon, Heal kingkong, kingkong v chameleon

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