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How Do YOU Long Run..?

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May 2014
8:44pm, 28 May 2014
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lady alton
my general rule is no longer than 3 hours and at a comfortable pace, but it depends who I am keeping company that day as to how comfortable!
May 2014
8:47pm, 28 May 2014
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Easy pace for set distance for me, but the distance is calibrated to the time it will take. However, i also listen to crap music with a 180bpm rhythm to make me keep my feet moving. I have a tendency to a slow cadence, at least I always did before adding music. I think the higher cadence helps limit fatigue. So I suppose that's a sort of technical goal.
May 2014
9:28pm, 28 May 2014
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I'm not doing any long runs at the moment, but when I do start doing them again in week or 2, everything over 10 miles will be at whatever easy chatting pace turns out to be and they'll end at a nice pub. Winter long run requirements are ending at a pub with a fire and with crumble and custard on the menu. Summer long run requirements involve a park with a drinking water tap and ending at a pub with a beer garden :)

My only goal is to complete the distance without injury.
Jun 2014
10:55am, 2 Jun 2014
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I'll have a rough route in mind, with a rough distance and expectation of time. I'll try to run at at what is (at least to start) conversational pace and I 'll usually try to add a bit on at the end. Sometimes, I just keep going until I grind to a halt. I don't run enough long runs so I try and extract the most from them I can.

I should point out that it is "long" in a "runs up to half-marathon" sense so I'm talking about stretching to 2 hours+ not 4 or 5 hours+.
Jun 2014
11:58am, 2 Jun 2014
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I've never done a long run as an LSR. Generally I've done HMs, so my long runs of 11 miles have been at HM pace plus about 15s, probably with HR at 165-170-ish; effectively something like race simulation. I can't be bothered with slow running, it just feelsl like a pointless, dull waste of time (other opinions are available!) with no sense of personal achievement which keeps me away from my family (or the sofa / red wine / TV) longer than necessary.

But that's just me, and might not be serving me very well!
Jun 2014
12:13pm, 2 Jun 2014
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I am currently in Mara training so I am running to a set distance and I have a min & Max pace target to aim for (i/e betweem 10:30 and 11:00 mm)

Whilst I try to stick to the pace targets for my long run I tend to focus more on ease so if It's feeling hard I will slow down. %age effort should be around 65% - and I can hold a conversation.
Jun 2014
2:05pm, 2 Jun 2014
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Does this mean "long run for marathon goal" SODI? If so, then I did almost all (10 out of 14) of my long runs as 20+ miles, I did most at easy pace, except specific weekends which called for MP within the 20 miles of between 5 (start of campaign) and 15 miles (towards end). I also did as many as possible off road, though MP ones had to be flat so off road sometimes meant canal. Off road is to minimize damage that I think training on tarmac causes.

However, if you mean "long run for any or current goal", then long run means up to 40 or even 50 miles now (not that I've got beyond 30 yet) as I'm training for a 24 hour / 100 miler now. Eep! :-) G
Jun 2014
5:35pm, 2 Jun 2014
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Set distance run easy. I find music/podcasts help me keep going. Don't do very long runs as I don't like to be away from family for too long and I also find them boring. Don't do marathons, though. Longest distance HM.
Jun 2014
4:14pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Empress Zhark
I'm a bit of a newbie to long runs, only just started doing them in training for a marathon in September. I tend to just plot a route before I go out that's the same distance as what's on my training plan and then head out the door. I don't much care about the pace, just completing the distance is what's important.
Jun 2014
5:06pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Ooo I miss being able to long run. I love them. The navigating ones that end (or mid break sometimes) in a pub, the long metronomic ones where its the same pace mile after mile and the ones with extra stuff on the end (usually these were slightly shorter to make up for the extra effort)... all sorts depending on the goal of the run really.

I can happily do 10-11 at the moment, but havent run longer for a good long while. I miss the 4 hour bimbles in the countryside the most :(

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