Help putting on weight!

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Apr 2013
10:20am, 25 Apr 2013
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Eat late , you're metabolism isn't as great when your asleep. So if you can eat later that may help.
Apr 2013
10:32am, 25 Apr 2013
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I'd agree with the lightly-veiled advice to enjoy the hollow legs phenomenon while you've got it, because it may well not last forever.

In one place where I worked, I frequently had mothers (or grandmothers or aunties) who where so fat you could have rolled them bringing in teenage girls about whose extreme thinness they were worried. I'd always say to the older woman, "Were YOU that size when you were a young girl too?" and they always had been. And EVERY 25-stone middle-aged woman claims to have weighed six stone when she got married, and who am I to doubt?
Apr 2013
10:55am, 25 Apr 2013
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I was extremely thin when I was in my teens and twenties (to the point where someone asked me if I had HIV! :-O ). My BMI was in the underweight category and I ate like a horse and did no exercise. I now eat better, exercise regularly and have a normal BMI of around 20. Things started to change in my thirties. So my advice to you is don't even try to change the way you naturally are - and being light is a big advantage for distance running!
Apr 2013
11:05am, 25 Apr 2013
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Wriggling Snake
Beer. Seriously. Then Curry.

Actually, thos protein supplements did it for me, plus a touch of weigh training.
Apr 2013
11:19am, 25 Apr 2013
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Protein shakes are, for some people, a useful way of sneaking in extra calories. They don't offer any real advantage over normal food for weight/muscle gain, but if you're of a "Frijj is junk food, whey powder is health food" mentality then they'll only hurt you in the wallet. On the other hand, lots of naturally very lean people have such effective appetite control mechanisms that if they drink a calorific protein shake it'll just put them off their dinner, which isn't helpful.

Creatine isn't likely to help at all. It possibly gives marginal benefits at the extremes of strength training, but won't make you less skinny.
Apr 2013
12:11pm, 25 Apr 2013
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I have the same problem, especially when I'm in heavy training. I don't take any of the supplements other than some fish oil and that only because I don't really like oily fish. I eat small meals spaced throughout the day and make them out of the best ingredients I can. I just increase the portion sizes when I'm training heavily. I still can't get enough food inside me some weeks. I don't have a huge appetite any more and it's diminished after an intense session in any case. I down a milk shake - Frijj is lovely! - as soon as I can after training and have a meal when I get home but sometimes it's still not enough. I do have to force myself to eat but if the food is tasty enough, it's easier to eat. Preparing a meal is a hassle but the cooking smells help stimulate my appetite so I can eat more. I eat less when my wife cooks, not because she can't cook because she really, really can, but because I haven't had that stimulus.

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