Help me set some targets?

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May 2012
12:36pm, 2 May 2012
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Lyra OK
Have you got glossary definitions turned on? If so, click on the word and it'll explain what WAVA is. In a nutshell, it's a percentage to show how close you are to the world record for X distance based on your age and gender.

You're currently 62.xx%, so you could aim for 65%. To see your WAVA, go to your profile and look just underneath your avatar.

I can't remember where to see what times you'd need to run to hit a certain WAVA, but think it's under the 'Race' tab somewhere...
May 2012
1:23pm, 2 May 2012
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I promised my self no more marathons, but I'm sure I have a better one in me and did "enjoy" abingdon?
May 2012
1:33pm, 2 May 2012
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Lyra you're on the crest of a helpful wave today - I didn't know about glossary definitions either - hours of fun ahead of me! Thanks so much.
May 2012
1:44pm, 2 May 2012
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Da Big Guy
Fusionsplice: you are not very far away from me - and I just did 3:16 for VLM on the back of only 3 runs per week (4 at the absolute outside). The 3 runs were: About a 7-10 miler run fairly hard, about 25s/mile faster than target marathon pace.
An efforts session - so hills or interal. The hard work bit 15-25 mins with a total warmup and warm down time similar (so well under 1 hour total running)
Long run 13 miles when not training for mara (building to 20 when I am). Depending on how I feel I also run this pretty quickly.
If I do a 4th run it's something like 3-6 miles easy.

You cna see it's all high workrate stuff for me, but it works and I don't have to run 6 times a week to get half decent times. My mileage for this year is 500 miles.
May 2012
2:48pm, 2 May 2012
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Da big guy, I was just reading the Furman institute thing which was about a simialr sort of thing...makes more sense than the days I was running 5-6 runs per week.

Not too sure how to gauge what my target marathon pace is and therefore how to work out these other runs to suit, but I'd certainly like to give that a go!!!

3:16 is well out of my league...if only!
May 2012
4:38pm, 2 May 2012
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Vicky W
Your HM pb is similar to my husbands - and the RW race time predicter gave him a mara time of 3h26 on the back of it ;-)

The asics training plan allows you to enter your intended race length, the date and a recent result together with your age & gender. It'll then give you a plan (up to 4 runs a week) & give pace bands to show how fast each run should be.

Bets of luck with whichever goal you choose :-)
May 2012
7:43pm, 2 May 2012
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Da Big Guy
Fusionsplice - For this years VLM I knew my marathon pace alsmost to the minute. I was aiming for 3:15 and managed 3:16:21. I went sl too fast at the start and could have maybe done 3:15:30 otherwise.

Anyway, how did I know my pace? It's based on a gradual build up of knowledge,tested in long runs which I ususally try to run at even pace as fast as I can most people of course say you should do your long runs alot slower then this). By the time I got to the last one (3 weeks before) I had a target of 7:30 in mind which I was able to beat by 3-4s/mile. Thus with taper I reckon I can usually therefore sustain this pace for the other 6 miles on the day. Which I pretty nearly did. Good luck.

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