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Hamstring Tweak

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May 2012
1:41pm, 4 May 2012
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I seem to have developed a mild tweaky pain deep in the big muscle at the back of the thigh, about half way up. I have noticed it when running over the last couple of weeks and also, slightly, when just walking. Is this a sign that the hamstring is likely to "go" or is it likely to get much worse if put under greater strain? I have been doing runs of no longer than 6m over the last few weeks other than a VERY gentle long run of 18m and came through these quite OK but have a slightly hilly mara planned for a weeks' time. Should I a) rest it, b) carry on with the gentle exercise/shorter runs through the taper period and give it more of a go for the race, or c) just tell it to shut up and get back in its box?
May 2012
1:45pm, 4 May 2012
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Get a sports massage - that might sort out the niggle.
May 2012
1:53pm, 4 May 2012
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sounds like a low-grade strain to me....but I'm no expert.

As suggested by Becca above I'd start with a sports massage and take it from there...if you are in any doubt you should seek proper medical advice (rather than a website forum) as running on it could cause potential further damage.

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I seem to have developed a mild tweaky pain deep in the big muscle at the back of the thigh, about h...

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