Greater Manchester Marathon 2013

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Jan 2013
7:49pm, 22 Jan 2013
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I don't want to jinx anything but its going well so far thanks. Boo to your ankle hurting, hope if it gets dodgy your friend can fix it.

I'm at 55 mpw, at present will probably go up a little in the next few weeks. I don't tend to get niggles and I usually recover quite well - I was training for a big event last year and felt fine on closer to 70 mpw, so I think my legs can cope. It might all seem overkill for someone of my slow speed, but I'm also focused on losing a few lbs and smashing the sub 4 to bits in 2013 come rain, shine or locusts. Managing to run well enough in the snow due to Innov8s

Still got my club speed work in the mix and a ParkRun or XC on a Saturday. Later on after the end of Jan will be putting some PMP work in to the long runs.

Speaking of which Roberto if I'd realised you were at Carlisle ParkRun Sat I'd have said hello. Sorry :)
Jan 2013
5:47pm, 25 Jan 2013
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Ankle pain seems to have already gone. Just made sure to stretch a bit more.

I didnt stop around for too long as the person driving wanted to get going, but it was a good run, and quite a good course. May not be as good this week as there is now snow here.
Jan 2013
7:37pm, 29 Jan 2013
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Has anyone got suggestions for accommodation at all?

Thanks in advance.
Jan 2013
4:35am, 30 Jan 2013
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Jan 2013
4:35am, 30 Jan 2013
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Feb 2013
6:51am, 7 Feb 2013
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Hi, can I join, going to enter if theres still places. I have my first marathon booked for 10th March (up a bloody big hill) and aiming to just get round on that one. I figured there was no point letting the training go to waste so hoping to do a faster road one which will help with the club championship points (a hill marathon for the 'any marathon' element of the championship isn't going to get me in the running)! So, Manchester is a local one for me and within enough time frame to not lose the training I am putting in for the hill. No idea where to pitch myself for a time target, maybe I should wait to see how I feel after the March one which I am looking at 5.5 - 6hrs for (the race has an 8hr time limit) but anything could happen. Training on the route took 4hrs 35 for 20 miles so I live in hope.

My best times have been within the last 6 months with a 23min 5K, 37 min 5 mile, 47min 10K, 1hr 48 Half Mara - anyone any suggestions on a sensible target without being silly on the training and just carrying on doing what I'm doing i.e. plenty of hill running and a bit of speedwork at club/treadmill.
Feb 2013
7:00am, 7 Feb 2013
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Morning buzby, i'd think you could dive straight in looking for sub 3:45 . That would also qualify you fot london 2014 if doing london is on your list of things to do
Feb 2013
7:09am, 7 Feb 2013
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Thanks Dave, just entered gulp. I have been doing some digging around and wondered whether to try to go for a good for age. I have put a target of 3:59 on my entry but going to see how I feel on the day. 8:20 per mile for a full 26.2 scares me a little.
Feb 2013
7:35am, 7 Feb 2013
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Hi Buzby, my recommendation would be not to even consider a potential time target until the end of March.

Based purely on your current conversion rate between 5k/10k/HM I would suggest sub-4 would be a more realistic target than 3:45. However, based on your Fetch training log, you are still relatively new to running, and will still be seeing big improvements in your fitness level due to the accumulation of training, so even though your HM PB is only 3 months old it could be soft.
Feb 2013
7:55am, 7 Feb 2013
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Yes thanks Nelly, sound advice. I do feel like I;ve come a long way since even the start of last year. Do your remember the Wilmslow race where I was aiming for sub 2hr and got 1:53:56 on your place? I felt ecstatic then and my year just got better. I did train very very hard for the Preston Half Marathon, official time was 1:48 but the organisers confirmed the course measured long and my garmin shows me going through 13.1 at 1:46. Gutted to say the least but at least theres a pb to be had on that distance at some point.

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aileen156 (Sub 4:15)
Baldy Dave (Sub 3:38:26) - 2306 - Navy & yellow Leeds United vest (all the rage round Old Trafford) with Boston ribbon and shiny bald head.
Buzby123 (Sub 4:00)
Cybarev (Sub 5:00) - 4154, long sleeved blue shirt with Geoff written in white on front and cybarev on back, pained expression on face and blue trainers on feet!

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Iris- ****, Long Eaton RC vest (navy & white) with LAURA on the front, bright pink trainers, annoying ponytail.
Irishmike (Sub 3:00) - 6374- blue (with orange band across the middle) glossopdale harrier vest with black shorts

jennywren (Sub 4:45) - 1758 - Green Sale Harriers vest, boring black trainers
Jopoweredbychoc (Sub 5:30)
LythamRUnner (Fetch official Sub 4:30 Pacer and Bus Driver)
mole-thing (Sub 4:00) - 4177 - Black Fetch shirt
mushroom (Sub 4:15) - 9064 - Yellow and green vest, with stunning purple trainers
Nickid - 1778 - I'll be wearing a green Kenilworth Runners vest with sadly uninspiring white trainers
ndellar (Sub 4:00) - 3599 - Red and White vest, Fetch Buff and pink trainers
Ninky Nonk - 7135 - fetch top, black shorts, orange trainers
plodding hippo
Psimon (Official Sub 3:15 Pacer)
RobertoM (Sub 3:10) - 6678 - Purple vest with yellow stripe, and clashing orange trainers
run-forest-run - 1236 - black Peel vest with yellow side stripe and black shorts
Scottydog1234 (Sub 4:00) - 9386 - Orange Barnsley Harriers vest and black shorts
Shortstuff (Sub 3:45)
Shred Betty (Sub 4:15) - 3676 - Maroon and white Lliswerry Runners vest, pigtails and Welsh Dragon Buff
SmileyBob (Sub 4:30) - 4463 Fetch vest, black shorts and boring white and blue trainers... but I like them!
The Juicer - 9493 - Todmorden Harriers vest
WarringtonRunner (sub 4:00)
XB (Sub 4:30) - 6427 - Fetch top, some shorts, socks and trainers. Whatever's clean.


Autumnleaves @ Brooklands Rd around the 9/16 mile mark

Manc Girl @ Brooklands Road roundabout with jelly babies/beans - 10m/15m point
SODIron & The SODette's

Just wondering if there are any places going...... Max71.... can anyone help Max?

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