Greater Manchester Marathon 2013

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Apr 2013
6:34am, 16 Apr 2013
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Just want to clarify my comments on the route.
Switchbacks at the start. My concern is simply about the whole field getting round the first of thes, at the 1m marker, without incident or delay. The second is just before 3m so hopefully the field will have sorted itself by then. Other mass participation events I've done that included sharp changes of direction employed a proper waved start system to spread the runners out a little - is that whats happening here?
Altrincham. The support at Altrincham last year was fantastic and a highlight for many. My understanding was that the organisers were seeking to maximise this by taking in the town centre twice, whilst addressing the concerns that some had raised about the Dunham Massey stretch. Personally, I thought the course last year was good, apart from perhaps the start / finish areas - offering a view of the diverse nature of Greater Manchester. Given that runners are in / out of Altrincham within half a mile I dont think the organisers have necessarily succeeded in this respect. Whether you prefer a straight out and back off a looped course to take Altrincham is a matter of personal preference - I would have preferred a circular route back and the variety this would offer, others disagree.
Apr 2013
9:22am, 16 Apr 2013
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I certainly agree with you about last years course being both a good one, but also offering a good balance of both urban and rural. There was a stretch through Dunham Massey, that in hindsight shouldn't have been used due to the likelihood of flooding, but there are other ways into/out of Dunham that could be utilised. But I for one was disappointed the route was changed.

I can also understand your preference for a circular route. However, if you look at a map of Trafford, and recognising that Manchester City Council refused to support the race, then any loop to Altrincham would involve either using or crossing the A56. Give this is the main route into the city from the M6, then I think you can appreciate the issues associated with this.

Anyway, I was VERY jealous of all you runners this morning when I drove past all the advance warning signs of road closures for the marathon and now wish I was joining you on the day.
Apr 2013
9:47am, 16 Apr 2013
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Rest day today.

Last night I was thinking 'What shall I do with the spare time I've got? I could fit a run in..'

Doh! :-)
Apr 2013
9:52am, 16 Apr 2013
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I saw the road closure signs yesterday and got a little jolt of fear or excitement, not sure which!
Apr 2013
9:55am, 16 Apr 2013
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The Juicer
So much spare time............... what do we do with ourselves? :)

I did a Shred DVD this morning. Felt rubbish. My quads felt as strong as blancmange. I felt as fit as a couch potato. Anyone else suffering from taper madness?
Apr 2013
9:57am, 16 Apr 2013
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We could spend our time arguing about what the route should be? ;) That would pass the time nicely :)
Apr 2013
10:00am, 16 Apr 2013
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Maybe we argue about why Manchester City Council refuse to allow the organisers to pay to use their roads thus depriving the route of a more iconic route ;-)
Apr 2013
10:03am, 16 Apr 2013
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That wouldn't be an argument (well, not with me anyway) :)
Apr 2013
10:05am, 16 Apr 2013
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Have they ever gone public on that Nelly? They're obviously happy for some races to be in the city centre - Great Manc Run etc?
Apr 2013
10:08am, 16 Apr 2013
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That's the only one they allow now though. There used to be several. I've always presumed they don't want the road closures because they cost too much but I don't know what its really about.

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Autumnleaves @ Brooklands Rd around the 9/16 mile mark

Manc Girl @ Brooklands Road roundabout with jelly babies/beans - 10m/15m point
SODIron & The SODette's

Just wondering if there are any places going...... Max71.... can anyone help Max?

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