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Glandular Fever

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Sep 2012
8:10pm, 22 Sep 2012
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Hi Guys,

I've been using this site to log my runs, but this is my first topic post aha!

I contracted Glandular Fever in mid August and have only last week been diagnosed with Glandular Fever, as I was working away in London and it is only now that I have been diagnosed (after a blood test) by my GP..

Before I had this test I thought I'd recovered (I thought i'd just had a bad bought of Tonsillitis) and went tried to throw myself back into training... I can normally run 5-6 miles without to much difficulty over 8mph... after 3 miles at a speed of around 7.4mph I was shattered it felt like I'd ran a 10k flat out... the stitch I had took about 3 minutes to fade... I knew then I must still be unwell.... A combination of this and going a bit mental at the weekend with the drink triggered a relapse I went to the doctors and they confirmed it was GF, also to stay off the drink and the running (So basically no fun!!)

Having read comments on other forums it seems most people are saying that it took them 6 months to fully get back into training, however it varies so much for different people, I was wondering what you guys' experience was?

One thing I have found positive, is that one of the core symptoms seems to be fatigue... I really don't have this at all; as I sit here now I feel as if i could go out and run 8 miles... (I know I'd feel differently after the first 400meteres) but still..

Sep 2012
3:29pm, 24 Sep 2012
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welcome to Fetch Rich
Sep 2012
3:44pm, 24 Sep 2012
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Hi Richard and welcome to Fetch :-)..I had glandular fever as a child and still remember it quite vividly, but contracted it again a few months ago, although the symptons were less sever, once over the initial throat infection, fatigue was the main problem, even fell asleep at work one day :-0..Basically take things and usual advice. Rest, eat healthy, gets some vitamins into you and listen to your body. I was never told not to run or exercise, just not to over do things and be sensible.
Good luck :-)
Sep 2012
4:14pm, 24 Sep 2012
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Glandular fever can be nasty, my son had it badly a few years ago when he was 18 and was hospitalised for two days as he couldn't eat or drink. However being young and fit, he recovered very quickly and was back to normal within a few weeks. I guess it is just a case of listening to your body as MeLAR says and maybe taking things cautiously - build the running back up gradually and stop if you feel the need.

Good luck :)
Sep 2012
4:25pm, 24 Sep 2012
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Sheri - I had it at about the same age and spent a night in hospital on a drip as I physically could not get any food or drink in. I tried to take the dog for a walk and was exhausted after only 45 mins of walking. I did get over it pretty quickly and was back running and cycling within a few days albeit not at a huge intensity as I lost best part of 10kg in weight!
Sep 2012
4:49pm, 24 Sep 2012
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I had glandular fever in my early 20s and had a week of feeling vaguely iffy, about two weeks of being ill with jaundice and manky tonsils, then I was fine - my liver function took a few weeks to return to normal and the itch drove me crackers, but I didn't have any lingering fatigue or relapses and went straight back to. working very long hours. My oldest daughter also had a severe but short-lived dose. The variant she had - almost indistinguishable from ordinary tonsillitis - is by far the commonest and isn't always identified before it gets better. Abnormal liver function is common, though going as yellow as I did is unusual.
Oct 2012
12:26am, 10 Oct 2012
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hey guys, cheers for the replies!

Getting slowly back into training now, and managed to run 45 minutes again today, I've had breaks from running before but always been active playing football, and working on a bar for long hours... so it almost felt as if my running legs done one while I lazed around for 6 weeks aha

Again thanks for the advice! :D

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Hi Guys,

I've been using this site to log my runs, but this is my first topic post aha!

I con...

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