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Gilmores Groin

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7 Jan
3:34pm, 7 Jan 2022
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John Bach
I was lucky, mine seem to self repair, although I guess I had it mild - the worst pain I had was when I sneezed, much to the amusement of my kids. Thankfully I was able to keep running - much to my surprise my GP did not tell me stop. I hope you get it sorted soon
7 Jan
3:59pm, 7 Jan 2022
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'I won't tell you what I was told the diagnosis was for Gilmore's Groin! '

You have to tell me now :-D The physio just listened to where I was having the issues then pressed a couple of areas down at the pubic area, compared it to the other side, asked me to cough and then said yep, strain in the inguinal ligament

To be honest, other than when I run, hip flexor stretch or lunge, it does feel a little better. No pain when I sneeze (although when I think back I do think I had that issue for a while, where a sneeze would be painful, but I was still running fine so ignored it) and can do most other things pain free. I just found out I have some free physio cover through work so have contacted them as well.
7 Jan
4:03pm, 7 Jan 2022
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Def get more opinion - private physio is good. But despite the wait with NHS, the actual diagnosis once you get there will be second to none. Imho.

For the actual hernia, when you push down on the affected area the finger or thumb will go *through* the tissue, which will be very painful. The specialist that was doing it for me said he'd had big toughie rugby players crying like a baby on his couch.

(I'm crossing my legs as I type this!)

Perhaps yours is "pre-herniated" but if so, all the more reason to take the care to not let it get fully torn. Best of luck. :-) G
7 Jan
4:08pm, 7 Jan 2022
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I'm pretty sure mine is pre-herniated. He doesn't believe there's a tear, but I've had some very painful physio down there which resulted in some bruising.

Thanks for that though. Missing the running but happy to keep the rehab going if I know its going to help resolve it. I'll defo get that second opinion though

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A fell running buddy, has developed Gilmores groin
He has struggled with it for some time and the a...

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