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Garmin connect - data is pulled through to Fetch but not showing in Garmin?! Help!

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Mar 2017
7:28pm, 9 Mar 2017
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I couldn't find any recently-accessed Garmin connect discussions, so on the off chance that someone techy can help me I'm putting this out there!

I recently had to do a system restore on my laptop, so I re-installed garmin express and connected my watch etc. All fine so far....

After some initial hitches (re-importing 2 month's worth of data, and subsequently having to painstakingly delete the duplicates) it all seemed to be working fine, but no.

My run data is being pulled through to Fetch absolutely fine, but nothing is showing in Garmin! I can't figure it out, clearly it's being processed as Fetch pulls it from Garmin, and the files are on my laptop, but why aren't they showing up on Garmin?! It's driving me potty!

Please can someone put me out of my misery?? Pretty please?! :-)
Mar 2017
9:33pm, 9 Mar 2017
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Weird! Are you definitely logged into the same Garmin account on your browser as that used by Garmin Express?
Mar 2017
9:36pm, 9 Mar 2017
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Do you see any activities on ?
Mar 2017
2:39pm, 10 Mar 2017
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Yep same Garmin account and nope no activities show up, until I manually upload them from the files on my computer! So strange...
I contacted Garmin and they have replied to say "please try syncing again, the issue has been resolved", so I await my next attempt at syncing later today or tomorrow (depending on how motivated I can get to go for a run!!).
Mar 2017
4:22pm, 10 Mar 2017
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OK, so do you manually upload to Fetch?
Or, do you have it so that Fetch pulls it from Garmin's Connect website?
What Garmin device are you using?
What versions of the Garmin software and Windows are you using?
What did you used to do, and what happened?
What do you do know and what happens?

Sorry for the lot's of questions, but debugging relies on information. I'm not a user of Windows/Garmin Express, but anyone with experience of this will need these sorts of details to point you in the right direction :-)

Ex-CompSci teacher & hacker with a _little_ experience of debugging wayward systems ;-)
Mar 2017
4:58pm, 10 Mar 2017
1662 posts
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I had this yesterday when trying to upload from my 405. After 3 attempts, nothing was showing in GC, but I had 3 entries in Fetch! No problems with my 620 though.
Mar 2017
5:57pm, 10 Mar 2017
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@westmoors Just loaded a run up, full of hope after the aforementioned comment from Garmin, but alas - it's not appearing in Garmin :-( but IS in Fetch! My watch is a 410. I wonder what is going on?!

@RunninginCircles Fetch pulls my data straight from Garmin so I don't manually upload it no, even now where to get anything to show in Garmin I have to manually import (to Garmin) it is already in Fetch before I do that! So strange!
Mar 2017
7:03pm, 10 Mar 2017
1626 posts
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You say Garmin. By that do you mean the website, GPS watch, software?

Precision is key. How are you getting the data on Fetch. What is it that happens, from the time you take the watch off to seeing the training entry...
Mar 2017
7:10pm, 10 Mar 2017
38 posts
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The thing is, I'm not doing anything different to normal, it's just not doing what it used to do!

So post run, I stick in the ANT stick, wait for it all to beep and transmit, and then I get a pop up window from Garmin saying your watch has synced successfully (not sure of exact wording).

I open Fetch and there is my run (since it is all connected from years back) but I open Garmin Connect in my browser or the app on my phone, and no run appears.

The only way I am currently then able to still get the data to appear in Garmin is if I manually import the data, so go to manual import, browse to find the file, select and import, then it will appear in my Garmin profile.

I suppose at the end of the day, as long as it's importing to Fetch still that's ok, but I just can't work out why it's not all working properly! (The only thing that HAS changed, which admittedly is fairly major, was having to restore my laptop to factory settings and re-install all the programmes, but as my runs are still being imported to Fetch since I re-installed everything, it doesn't add up to explaining why the runs aren't showing on Garmin Connect).
Mar 2017
7:32pm, 10 Mar 2017
1627 posts
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Thanks. I know you don't do anything different. But what is second nature and obvious to you is a black box to everyone else until you explain it :-)

So it sounds like the ant+ transfer to the PC is working fine. Often that's a problem.

There have been a lot of Garmin software changes over the years. Do you have a system icon when that message pops up? Something in the system tray area that you can use to bring up the software. If so I would look at the account settings. Often, removing the account and then adding it back seems to solve issues. I had to remove then recreate the WiFi settings on a 620 a number of times in their software. Nothing for me had changed, but that recreation send to fix it.

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I couldn't find any recently-accessed Garmin connect discussions, so on the off chance that someone...

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