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Garmin Chest Strap

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Mar 2019
11:23am, 2 Mar 2019
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Hello all. Just a quick question about Garmin replacement chest strap: I'm currently running with the HRM Run (older style with black detachable module with the white running man logo on the front) and it works really well, but the chest strap itself probably doesn't have too much life left. Although I'm considering the new version of the HRM Run (red non-detachable of which I've heard good things), half tempted just to buy a replacement chest strap. My question is:

First link is replacement soft strap for £35 at time of posting, second link is the older style monitor unit (that doesn't do run dynamics) plus what looks to be the same soft strap for £28 at time of posting. Would anyone happen to know if I could buy the £28 module + chest strap, use my current HRM Run module unit with the strap and still get all the run dynamic metrics?

Any advice on this (and/or insight into whether the new red HRM Run is significantly better) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much.
Mar 2019
11:34am, 2 Mar 2019
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Yes, you can do that. It is annoyingly difficult and wasteful to get a replacement soft strap for a decent price. The only differences in the fabric straps are contacts, earthing and fabrication; newer models of strap perform a bit more reliably with staticky tops and so on and don't cut you up as much, but they make no difference to the metrics available from the module - the metrics are all about what's inside the black casing.

If you're happy with the performance of the fabric strap, then I'd continue as you are - there is no significant difference between the module and metrics in the new HRM-run.
If the strap you currently have leaves marks on your chest, seriously consider picking up the red non-detachable strap, which is the most comfortable strap I've ever used (and if you search through the heart rate training thread, you'll find I'm not the only one saying that). I have a weal from the old strap I keep at work from doing a 7 mile run, I've run an offroad marathon with the new one without getting marks.
Mar 2019
11:44am, 2 Mar 2019
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Hi, If the module is still working OK, don't waste your money on a genuine Garmin chest strap, get one of the cheaper knock-offs (I'm currently using a Polar strap with mine - it was half the price and much more comfortable than the Garmin original). The poppers are all the same distance apart on them so your old module will fit just fine.

(If you're happy with a simple HR strap without the run dynamics any ANT+ module/strap combo will do that, they're about £20 on eBay.) My HRM-run module died recently and the cheapest I could find was on eBay for about £40. The new Garmin red run module/strap is a bit of a ripoff price, IMHO.
Mar 2019
11:50am, 2 Mar 2019
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Thanks very much for the speedy replies Badger and Oranj.

I've been lucky enough to get on fine with the fabric strap and have avoided any significant chafing, so I'll likely go for the same one again. Oranj, thanks for letting me know re: poppers being the same distance apart. Though I'm leaning towards replacing, I'll probably look to buy a cheaper strap at the same time to test out and see if I get on with it in terms of any chafing/irritation, then switch over properly in the future if all good.
Mar 2019
12:23pm, 2 Mar 2019
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Just to note, I also used to use a Polar strap, but the last one I got the poppers were not the right distance apart... went with the new hrm-run and haven't looked back. Provided you give it a rinse every week they do last a fair while, and in my experience are more comfortable than the separate module type.
Mar 2019
8:31pm, 2 Mar 2019
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The new HRMrun is too expensive, but I have used most Garmin versions and it is far and away the best I have used.
Mar 2019
8:51pm, 2 Mar 2019
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If it’s just the replacement soft strap you’re after rather than the HRM, I’ve just found I have that bit knocking around in a drawer. I bought the wrong strap (010-11254-20) by mistake a few years ago and now have a Garmin Forerunner 235 which has a HRM on the wrist.

Feel free to fmail a postal address if it’s useful.
Mar 2019
5:24pm, 4 Mar 2019
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Ness, that's very kind of you to offer. Just sent you an fmail.
Mar 2019
6:45pm, 4 Mar 2019
10125 posts
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Got your message, PAJ89. :)

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Hello all. Just a quick question about Garmin replacement chest strap: I'm currently running wi...

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