Garmin 910XT - Intervals, Can I See Pace ?

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Feb 2014
1:02pm, 4 Feb 2014
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K5 Gus
I've had my 910XT for quite a while now, but never used it for intervals........until today.

So, before I left the house I set up the session, which was 6 * 600m, with 90s recovery.

Did my warm up, then started the session. Was a bit disappointed to just see 2 data fields - the distance counting down, and the rep number ( ie 1/6 ). I wanted to see what pace I was running at ( was supposed to be my 5k pace, say 6:00 min/mile ).

Is there anyway I can see this whilst doing the workout, and still getting the other info ( distance, and rep no. ) ? I would have thought this was a pretty basic need, as you are always aiming to do your reps at a certain pace. Hopefully I've just not read the manual properly ( I also read the DC Rainmaker review of the 910XT when I got back, but couldn't see anything in there to help ).
Feb 2014
6:14pm, 4 Feb 2014
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K5 Gus
A wee bump for the evening crowd, hopefully some of whom use a 910XT for intervals :-)
Feb 2014
3:14pm, 10 Feb 2014
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IIRC, you can set up another screen with that information on it and just scroll to it when you start your intervals. What you're on is the "workout" page that seems to pop up by default when you're doing a workout on any Garmin, but you don't *have* to use it. I have Lap Pace and Lap Distance, and hope that I can remember how many reps I've done!
Feb 2014
4:12pm, 10 Feb 2014
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K5 Gus
Cheers for replying Oranj - yeh, that's what I've ended up doing, would be nice if you could add a data field to the workout screen tho, so you could see distance remaining ( for when not at a track ) as well as pace and interval number.

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I've had my 910XT for quite a while now, but never used it for intervals........until today.


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