garmin 310xt / speed sensor woes

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Feb 2013
1:51pm, 26 Feb 2013
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Posted in the Garmin 310xt thread also so apologies for double post - but Im desparado!

I have paired my GSC10 sensor with my 310xt but have to admit its a bit temperamental. I used it on my turbo and although I was busting a gut my speed / distance were lower than expected. Then the other day I used my racer to commute rather than my tourer and the distance / speed again was out (lower). I am confident on this as I do this commute regular and know the mileage.

So im using my racer again tonight and dont want duff stats - how can I get the unit to favour the GPS rather than the sensor data? Is there a way? Ive looked in the manual but cannot see anything obvious......

Thanks :)
Feb 2013
4:22pm, 26 Feb 2013
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I had this, the 310 had reset the wheel diameter to a default that was smaller than my 700c.
There is a submenu where you can change the ditance source to the GPS, Couldn't say where though.
Feb 2013
4:40pm, 26 Feb 2013
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thanks JohnnyO Im sure I did this with my footpod but im buggered if I can remember how I did it! Ill check the wheel dims and see if that is the problem. I have a suspicion that the sensor keeps dropping out, ive changed the battery and got some better magnets and it worked OK for a while but it seems not to be playing again now. **sigh** Technology! PAH!
Feb 2013
5:07pm, 26 Feb 2013
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Longwayround (LWR)
The manual says:

Calibrating your bike sensor is optional and can improve accuracy.
1. Press mode > select Settings > Bike Settings > bike name > ANT+Spd/Cad.
2. Select YES in the Bike Sensors Present? field.
3. If necessary, press More for advanced sensor configuration.

From memory, you can then tell it to use GPS to calibrate wheel size.
Feb 2013
10:52am, 27 Feb 2013
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thanks LWR :)

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Posted in the Garmin 310xt thread also so apologies for double post - but Im desparado!

I have p...

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