Frost Bite

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Feb 2013
11:10am, 25 Feb 2013
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Can I poach some thoughts from the medical types on here. I'm think I may have suffered frost bite, and wanted to check if the current symptoms are of concern.

At ran the national xc on Saturday. The field we gathered in was sodden with melted snow, and my feet quickly became saturated and started chilling slightly. Over the next couple of hours until the end of the race they chilled further, until when I stopped I couldn't feel them at all. They remained frozen and wet for the following hour or so until I got back to the car (I wasn't putting a dry pair of socks on if they would get soaked leaving the site). With dried feet and socks my feet still remained frozen.

A couple of hours later when I got home I got in the bath and felt a huge amount of pain as my feet thawed out, and my feet and ankles felt very twitchy. I assumed that was the end.

However since then there has been a numbness and slight tingling at the base of my toes. I don't seem to have lost any motor control of my toes, but there is limited response back from them compared to before hand. I'm just wondering if this is something fairly normal following a sustained period of cold exposure, and will fade with no long term effects, or if it could be indicative of something more serious and worth seeing my GP about.

Feb 2013
12:30pm, 25 Feb 2013
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Do your feet look normal now, MM?

You may well have sustained a mild thermal injury, but it's unlikely that anything specific needs doing about it apart from getting some long Sealskinz socks for future soggy races.

(You have my sympathy. I've got a chilblain on one foot which I'm sure is due to spending a lot of time on the bike with feet like blocks of ice.)
Feb 2013
12:37pm, 25 Feb 2013
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Ugh. Chilblains.

~ shudder ~
Feb 2013
12:54pm, 25 Feb 2013
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They appear as normal as ever, just don't feel as previous. As long as I'm not leaving myself open for anything serious, I can suffer the current sensation.

I was happy enough with soggy feet whilst running, but it was the inability to keep them dry before and after that caused the trouble I think - I jestingly said to YP I should have borrowed her pink spotty wellies, but maybe should have actually done so!
Feb 2013
12:56pm, 25 Feb 2013
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wiener dog
I got chilblaines on my hands last year - I know I'm thick but until I went to the nurse to get some crem 'cos my hands were constantly splitting open & bleeding I didn't even know that you could get chilblaines on your hands.

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Can I poach some thoughts from the medical types on here. I'm think I may have suffered frost bite...

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