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Freibergs Disease?

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May 2012
8:59pm, 13 May 2012
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Scooba Steve
Four years ago I 'damaged' my right foot training for 2008 Paris marathon, my first one and the only race I've ever done a reasonable amount of training for.... it's took four years of persistence with various medical practitioners and departments to finally get a diagnosis and acknowledgement something is actually wrong!

After an MRI scan a couple of months ago I have been diagnosed with signs of 'Freiburg Disease' which affects the end of the metatarsal head but normally comes on during adolescence rather than early 30's, I also have a neuroma in there as well just for good measure!

Here's a nice pic of the offending metatarsal http://www.fetcheveryone.com/gallery-showphoto.php?filename=8394_15756.jpg

Does anyone have any experience of this or know anything about it?

I've had a cortisone jab into the joint this week to see if it helps and to establish if it's this or the neuroma causing me grief - consultant says he thinks it's the joint and that it can be 'tidied up' if it is - feels a lot better after the cortisone and I've ran pain free tonight!

Any info appreciated
May 2012
10:12pm, 13 May 2012
367 posts
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Scooba Steve
Anyone? Is it that rare?

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Four years ago I 'damaged' my right foot training for 2008 Paris marathon, my first one and the on...

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