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Forerunner 110 owners - help?

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Apr 2016
8:42am, 4 Apr 2016
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A friend of mine uses a Forerunner 110. From time to time he's run alongside me, or my son, but when his runs are uploaded to strava the paces are wildly different.

e.g. last week - 10k - his run, average pace 6:40, son's pace 6:56. I can see what the difference is, its in Strava's "moving time" algorithm (the elapsed times for both of the runs are more or less the same, but the moving times are wildly different). - his run (forerunner 110) - son's run (forerunner10)

This has happened before, and also is evident when he does races (the "moving time" is often a few minutes less than his recorded race times).

I want to know if anyone else gets this with a forerunner 110, or whether there's a setting which he has tweaked incorrectly which is causing this. I know features like autopause could create this sort of difference, but I didn't think the forerunner had an autopause (and I doubt very much these two ever stopped on the runs I've linked, and I also know where I've run side by side with him that the same issue has happened, and we definitely didn't stop!!)

It could be a faulty watch of course, but just wondered if anyone out there had seem similar with this particular watch - it's the first time I've seen this consistently with the same watch, week in week out.

Apr 2016
12:45pm, 4 Apr 2016
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Nick Cook
I think it's probably just different watches processing the satellite signal slightly differently.

A while back both me and my boss were out cycling and I powered past him up a strava segment hill. When we got back and uploaded the rides, he was higher up the strava leaderboard then me and we both got PBs. I was well peed off!
Apr 2016
12:57pm, 4 Apr 2016
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Its more than just that - its minutes of time which his forerunner 110 appears to be suggesting had no movement in at all (therefore triggering Strava's processing of it being "non-moving" time).

Perhaps its just as simple as the watch frequently losing lock, and therefore appearing to be stationary for a few seconds, then leaping ahead to the next point, and those few seconds being long enough to be marked as stationary time (with the leap forwards being sufficiently "slow" to not be discounted as improbable).

In general I agree about satellite differences making some strava segments look peculiar - in particular the shorter ones!
Apr 2016
2:41pm, 4 Apr 2016
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May have tracked down the issue - by exporting his GPX files and dropping into excel for the runs that display this issue, there are multiple incidences of consecutive GPX waypoints being identical to the previous GPX waypoint (and in some cases identical to multiple waypoints, up to 5) spanning a time period of up to 16 seconds.

I guess strava thinks that being in the same place for 16s = not moving, therefore discounts this as moving time.

Obviously seems to mean that the watch doesn't have a lock at that point in time.

I suppose I need to check that the inverse is true - that my runs (for example) don't show the same pattern.

But summing the seconds more or less comes to the difference between "valid" and "invalid" runs.
Apr 2016
3:03pm, 4 Apr 2016
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See :)
Apr 2016
3:13pm, 4 Apr 2016
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Cheers, Charlie - I've read all that previously. In fact, I created that post - you're actually linking to a post that I made in Feb 2015!! See - that's me as the OP!

The issue with this lad's watch is that it is dropping out / duplicating locations frequently, so I was wondering whether this was experienced as an issue for other Forerunner 110 users (I've googled and can't see it specifically highlighted by anyone). I don't know how other watches cope with lost signal, but if I was coding it I wouldn't code to record as being in the same place twice, I'd probably not record a location for that precise second.

The issue just isn't one I've seen on anyone else's data other than his (unless the GPS has had a complete meltdown, but then that is usually obvious from the quality of the trace - in his case, the trace looks OK, its just a few sporadic data points which are causing the issue).
Apr 2016
4:26pm, 4 Apr 2016
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Sorry, I was passing through in a hurry and completely missed the point of the question - I thought you were wondering if strava calculated moving time or total elapsed time, when you were asking something completely different!

Have you tried loading the funny activities into other sites and seeing what they make of it? The GPX is the output from strava rather than from the watch (does the FR110 use .FIT files?), so it's hard to tell whether the watch is glitching and recording identical positions or the website logic is screwing things up all by itself. I use RunKeeper as well, and its GPX files break up paused activites into segments separated by <trkseg></trkseg> tags. Although that might just be activities recorded by the RunKeeper app, now I think of it.
Apr 2016
5:01pm, 4 Apr 2016
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Fair points, I don't have access to his watch so I can't really compare, but I'd be surprised if strava adds in additional data points when compared to the watch's output (whether thats .fit or .gpx).

Short term the answer is to flag all runs as workouts or races by default which I think on strava uses elapsed time only. It probably doesn't bother him at all, but I'm a geek when it comes to these things and I like to know the answers!!

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