First time marathonist in Spring 2013? Lets motivate and support each other here!

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Jun 2013
11:19am, 27 Jun 2013
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It's just another theory of the many that are out there. I did a run two days ago keeping my heart rate at around 148 and was slowed to a walk on the hills. Therefore my average pace was shockingly slow...but his athletes after a period of time of doing nothing but staying at their proposed heart rates find that they have to go faster to keep their heart rate up to the desired level yet they're never over-reaching. I'll try and do a n=1 and let you know how I go. I want to do a marathon distance again at the end of October - whether it will be a race or my own training I'm not sure it depends on what my work rota will allow.
Jul 2013
1:15pm, 10 Jul 2013
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Right everybody, have updated the header to include second time and more marathons. Think have got in all that people have mentioned in last few pages but let me know anyone wants adding on.
Nov 2013
5:00pm, 1 Nov 2013
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London Nici
Erm .... Think I need to be removed from the group. I seem to have caught 'the bug' and am now up to 8 including 1 ultra. Thanks so much for all the initial support - you all rock (and are partly responsible for the madness).
Nov 2013
5:23pm, 1 Nov 2013
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I've got a place in VLM for next year - very excited - won through the club draw. I had planned to do Beachy as my second this year but dislocated shoulder put paid to any training.
Nov 2013
5:29pm, 1 Nov 2013
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Wow well done Nici, ive just seen this and realised that im doing my fifth marathon this weekend so also need removing. Is there a support thread for people with a marathon 'issue'?
Nov 2013
6:52pm, 1 Nov 2013
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Given that this is a 'first time marathon in SPRING 2013' I assume it will just fade away now. Can't be many who remain first marathoners, unless injury prevented people from completing their target race.

8 marathons in one year! Wow, that's an addiction. ;-)
Mar 2014
10:23pm, 7 Mar 2014
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Hi, please could you add me for my 2nd marathon I am running London on 13 April. :-)
Mar 2014
1:40pm, 10 Mar 2014
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Done! Although not sure anyone is using this thread any more!

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About This Thread

Maintained by DiscoSteve
Right, by popular demand (as in, at least 2 people thought it was an ok idea) we're expanding into a 'second-or-more-time marathonist at some point in the future' thread. Have left the first timers up for posterity (although deleted any that we didn't have a result for, let me know if I have exterminated you in error).

I think we also need a motivational quote from the more experienced marathoneer a la Fitz's 'Eyes on the prize!', answers on a postcard.

2nd+ timers:

Toks (honorary first-timer!) - London (21 April) medal 5:54:18
Buzby (second-timer!) - Manchester (21 April) medal 3:47:35
Colettedean (2nd-timer!) - Kent Roadrunner (1 June) medal 5:25:00
London Nici (2nd-timer!) - Kent Roadrunner (1 June) medal 5:44:38
Gary Fatbloke - Kent Coastal (1 September)
Mole-thing - Abingdon (20 October)
Andy39 - York (20 October)
Colettedeann - York (20 October)
Debart - London (13 April 2014)
Colettedeann - Kent Roadrunners (31 May 2014)


Buzby123 - Bolton Hill (10 Mar) bunting 4:50:11
DiscoSteve - Rome (17 Mar) bunting 4:25:05
Km10 - Blackpool (7 April) bunting 6:00:57
Colettedeann - Brighton (14 April) bunting 6:05:40
KeepGoing! - Brighton (14 April) bunting 5:42:02
SherryB - Brighton (14 April) bunting 5:30:47
_2Jabs_ - London (21 April) bunting 4:34:25
Broeinon - London (21 April) bunting 4:59:28
Debart - London (21 April) bunting 4:49:28
Go Snoopy! - London (21 April) bunting 5:54:00
Jo_London - London (21 April) bunting 4:58:34
Kato - London (21 April) bunting 6:26:19
London Nici - London (21 April) bunting 6:07:25
Mave - London (21 April) bunting 4:54:06
Redeel - London (21 April) bunting 5:32:44
Rosehip - London (21 April) bunting 5:44:15
Iris - Manchester (28 April) bunting 4:35:53
Mole-thing - Manchester (28 April) bunting 3:56:40
Nickid - Manchester (28 April) bunting 4:58:50
JayElle - North Dorset (5 May) bunting 3:44:22
Barb - Milton Keynes (6 May) bunting 5:23:44
RunningRach - Milton Keynes (6 May) bunting 5:39:06
Andy39 - Edinburgh (26 May) bunting 3:56:41
CamBear - Edinburgh (26 May) bunting 4:24:08
Sarabop - Edinburgh (26 May) bunting 4:15:03
Yossarian Lives - Edinburgh (26 May) bunting 3:44:19
Gary Fatbloke - Kent Roadrunner (1 June) bunting 5:11:48
Jencossy - Derry (2 June) bunting 4:38:56

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