First finisher at Cambridge HM is not the winner

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Mar 2018
3:59pm, 6 Mar 2018
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12 Month ban no question, as for the headphones question, add three years
May 2019
9:29am, 5 May 2019
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I notice that Jack Gray came 10th in the Vitality Big Half Marathon with a time of 65:01, in what appears to be his first official race over the distance.
Sep 2019
12:02pm, 3 Sep 2019
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Just found this thread. Jack used to run for our club and I can confirm he's not a d*ck and he didn't do it to get media attention.

I find it amusing that some on here are desperate to give him a 12 month ban for swapping a number. He didn't try to claim the win or the prize and was happy to be DQ'd. As a race organiser myself I would be annoyed, but it's a minor inconvenience.

I'm glad those in charge did the sensible thing and gave him a slap on the wrist and England/GB vest so that he could use his talents to represent his country.

He's now hoping to compete at the marathon in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.
Sep 2019
12:08pm, 6 Sep 2019
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paul the builder
Just found this thread too.

There's bound to be Fetch regulars who do exactly this. All the time. Wonder if everyone thinks the 12-month ban rule should be applied there too. I know of one high-profile user who's done it at VLM (of all places!).

While on the subject of potential (likely) hypocrisy - something *far* more egregious has been done at VLM, by somebody very popular here. I was furious on the day. Logged in on Monday and not a word of criticism could I find.

Of course, it's easier to condemn someone you'll never interact with.
Sep 2019
1:18pm, 6 Sep 2019
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K5 Gus
Wonders what counts as *far* worse than running with someone else's number.......
- running with no number, or a home-made number
- not running full distance but still finishing ( jump on a bus/tube part way then re-join course )
- accepting prize after someone better than you ran with your number
Sep 2019
1:20pm, 6 Sep 2019
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Quick, alert Marathon Investigation! If they got a Boston qualifier out of it then there's a special place in hell for them.
Sep 2019
2:18pm, 6 Sep 2019
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Paul, I've seen a consistent condemnation in Fetchland when other Fetch folk have done or asked about doing unsanctioned number swaps.

Gonna out the naughty Fetch who has done something worse at VLM then? Or at least describe what the worse was?

Apart from the administrative hassle for organisers and possible risks in a medical case etc. it's the more general annoyance of flouting rules that annoys me. Same as people who think it's OK to park in disabled bays or jump a queue. No, it's not a major felony, but it's just general arse-wittery, twittery and general disregard for a bit of social nicety. Stepping on flower beds, shouting in libraries. Def a case for return of capital punishment.

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