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Fetch modellers - 1/10th RC electric buggies, but could include other stuff if you want! :-)

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29 Jan
12:39pm, 29 Jan 2021
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Really wish I'd chosen a different name for this thread like the Sniffin Glue thread title Groundhog came up with! Such fun. :-) G
2 Mar
2:33pm, 2 Mar 2021
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Just bought a new speed controller and motor for one of my cars. 90 quid. This is cheap. I could have paid upwards of £100 for each!

Want to know more about what they are and what they do? Feel free to ask! :-) G
3 Mar
9:43am, 3 Mar 2021
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Something special?
3 Mar
9:59am, 3 Mar 2021
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Not really icenutter, I was just trying to see if anyone was reading.

I might have c*cked up, actually! I bought Hobbywing which is a good brand, and got a mid range ESC, but it might be that the motor is under powered.

Brushless motors are normally rated in "turns" (something to do with how the rotor is wound) and lower is better. So 5.5 Turn is faster than 13.5 Turn. But this range of Hobbywing motors is rated in kV (kilo Volts) which is effectively rpm per volt. The options were 3200, 4000 and 5400. I went for the biggest but it might only be the equivalent of and 8.5T, when I needed it to be 7.5T or even 6.5T.

I guess I'll find out when I install them. :-) G
3 Mar
2:00pm, 3 Mar 2021
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Thinking about getting a new body shell to paint for the 4WD. Partly to feel that it's all new for 2021. Partly just because painting them is fun!

Need to do some taking apart to put the new motor and ESC in. I'm such a woose! That will mean buying some replacement screws and things so that I can put new screws in when old ones come out. Sometimes you can get them out but they're pretty worn. Screwed, actually! :-) G
3 Mar
2:01pm, 3 Mar 2021
37893 posts
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Would you believe just the clear bit of plastic is £27?! I might go for a cheaper version that is £15 for the shell and wing. Hope I don't regret it.
4 Mar
9:31am, 4 Mar 2021
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RC stuff does seem to be stunningly expensive!
4 Mar
9:52am, 4 Mar 2021
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I've ordered the cheaper one, hope that will be OK and not some cheap knock off!

It depends on level icenutter. There are ready to run packages for £100 that aren't bad. It's just the stuff I use for racing that is upwards of £500. As with anything, you get what you pay for!

If you are happy to experiment, there are brands that are cheaper copies of everything - so £10 or £15 for an ESC, for a motor etc which is theoretically same spec as ones that are £50 from a major brand. I started with some of those. They blew up, but they lasted a year!

The second hand models that I have bought can be as little as £100 or £150 then add the electrics for £100 to £150. Then you need the radio transmitter and receiver which is min of £100 new and better set ups that would be £300 new you can get for £100 - £150 second hand. So we're at around £300-£450 so far. Then if you race you need a transponder (lap timer / counter). They are £75 and have to be compatible with the timing equipment so can't really save on that.

The transmitter of course you can buy just one of and then add cars. I'm up to 3 cars and 2 transmitters so far! :-) G
5 Mar
10:41am, 5 Mar 2021
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Ooh, my new ESC and motor have arrived. Got quite a bit of work to do now to remove motor from one and ESC from the other of the two cars. Fun! :-) G

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By the way, buggies here means radio controlled off road cars, not old person mobility scooters that some wag said! :-O

I can't believe that we've got Crafts, Gardening, Computer Games, but not toy cars...! :-) G

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