Fetch App (yet another false dawn?)

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Nov 2015
3:58pm, 20 Nov 2015
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F ing Fleecy
I use strava when I don't have a Garmin, but would use Fetch in preference :) Could you just call it Fetch? Incidentally someone told me about a Conquercise type app the other day, so hurry up and squash the competition!
Nov 2015
4:03pm, 20 Nov 2015
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Sounds good if it has extra functionality on top of what the website has
Nov 2015
4:14pm, 20 Nov 2015
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Android user here. I would probably use an app eventually, once everyone else had explained in very simple terms what I should be using it for.
Nov 2015
4:48pm, 20 Nov 2015
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JustDistracted (JD)
*please do not read as negative, more musing aloud...

I think an app has to do something different than the website / mobile site and tracking is available on a few other apps - they tend to be limited by the GPS chip in the device so would Fetch be any more accurate? Rapid autouploaderage would be a Good Thing of course. But I would use my garmin for this 95% of the time, mostly cos my garmin battery is way superior to my phone's battery and my phone weighs a bloomin ton. even if the uploading makes me shout at inanimate objects.

I have another phone for taking with me just in case when I run that's diddy and light. It's not an iPhone either. And it's on payg with very limited data...

I like the idea of real life fetchpoint etc, but not a game that made me (want to) look at my phone while running. Or audible alerts as I'm not keen on headphone wearing while running (and there's a whole other thread)

That was a bit negative wasn't it? Sorry. Lovely idea for some people but maybe not for me :)
Nov 2015
5:49pm, 20 Nov 2015
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^^^Much of this.

I take an Aldi rugged phone running if I need a phone. (Long jaunts in the middle of nowhere)
The idea of trying to keep a bulky phone (Android btw) that would cost £4-500~ to replace both safe and waterproof, not to mention easily visible, while I run seems odd.

A GPS watch with wifi and hrm is half that cost and is waterproof and rugged. Plus it has a battery life to shame the phone.

That said, there are plenty of people that are using phones for this, and it sounds like a fun project.
I have never let practicality or size of the user base get in the way of a fun coding exercise :-)
Go for it...
Nov 2015
11:56pm, 20 Nov 2015
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JK *chameleon*
I'm a 'Droider too. Damn you iFetchies...
Jan 2019
4:41pm, 4 Jan 2019
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Is there an Android app yet?
Sep 2019
8:56am, 27 Sep 2019
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While we wait for the android app, is there another running app I could use? I don't want to mention the s word
Sep 2019
9:55am, 27 Sep 2019
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When I started running a couple of years ago there were loads to choose from - I chose mapmyrun, more or less at random.

If you are just wanting a GPS trace I'd have thought any would do.

One thing I find useful in mapmyrun is that there is quite a good range of options for the voice feedback, based on either time or distance - so for a long run you can have it tell you your pace as you complete each kilometre, for intervals you can set it do so every 100 metres.

Getting the trace into this site involves exporting the trace from their website and importing the file into this - it is a few clicks and takes a few seconds.
Sep 2019
10:00am, 27 Sep 2019
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If you have a Samsung phone, the Health app has an activity bit - you can use it to record a run, it gives a GPS trace and records splits - I don't bother with the voice but it will tell you distance and pace as you go if you want. You can export it here as a GPX file.

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