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Oct 2016
12:22pm, 21 Oct 2016
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Agreed I could be attempting to fudge things (but there really would be no point). The suggestion is about "guaranteeing" consistency and accommodating different approaches / scenarios.

e.g. in Cardiff at the HM in March I lost signal due to the torrential downpour.

e.g. a few weeks ago I had to stop mid LSR to give directions
e.g. some of my runs end up with coming back to my house up a 1/10 hill which is nigh impossible to keep HR down
e.g. this morning I was half tempted to run nice and steady for most of the run, but blitz the last mile - which would have distorted averages etc.
e.g. for no apparent reason my HR monitor completely ignored the first half mile, then recorded figures in the 60s for the next half mile before settling down with a consistent reading thereafter

There are enough times for me that I'd like to be able to adjust for it (accurately). If its just me though, happy to accept that!

In the past when GPS had "flaky" moments, I've used tools such as "SNAP" (Strava Needs A Polish) to edit the data into something more sensible (GPS invariable records time from start to finish accurately, so if there is a mid-run glitch which sees you running across a lake, snapping it back onto the path that you ran preserves the integrity of the overall data, more or less), but there aren't (as far as I know) the same tools available for sorting out heart rate data, which is why I'm suggesting a way of making that work.
Oct 2016
3:03pm, 21 Oct 2016
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I think you might be a little more concerned about the data than I am ;)

I look for longer term trends in hr data rather than a blow-by-blow account, same with GPS data. I wouldn't adjust the data, though I have mapped out a route when my watch ran out of battery.
As a site feature, I wouldn't use this.
Oct 2016
3:24pm, 21 Oct 2016
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Sadly, data-obsessed am I! On other threads, some will know that I'm flirting with trying to change some old habits and use HR etc as a better guide to approaching different training runs / phases, but I do like the data to be clean and tidy!
Oct 2016
3:27pm, 21 Oct 2016
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For situations like stopping mid-run, hills etc. I wouldn't want to exclude that as it is a true reflection of the activity. But I would be interested in removing inaccurate data, i.e the HRM initially showing me over my max HR when I am only running at a recovery pace, as that would skew averages and the long term trend.

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It seems to be a time honoured tradition that the HR devices many of us use "glitch" at some point...

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